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dank memes dank memes dank memes
Mon Jun 6, 2016, 12:12 PM
nekkid - Joe :)
Sat May 21, 2016, 12:30 PM
Nice animations!
Thu Apr 7, 2016, 4:49 PM
So much epic! :P
Tue Mar 29, 2016, 8:28 PM
Yes it is
Mon Mar 28, 2016, 3:06 PM


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Hey peepos, It’s Dan.

Today I decided to write a journal with a bit more serious of a topic, primarily surrounding recent events both personal and on a large scale.  You would think that being in the 21st century, a journal like this wouldn’t need to exist, but here we are.  So what is it that I’m talking about?  Let’s get some background on the subject first.

As most/all of you should know, last week, the city of Orlando, Florida suffered an atrocity (note, I did not use the word tragedy) when 50 LGBT members in a nightclub were gunned down and killed by a horrible, hateful individual who thought it was better to lash out and be hateful to those they didn’t agree with.  Note, this topic will contain no mention of religion either.  That is not the point of this journal.

Sadly, this mindset of hatred toward the LGBT community is not uncommon, as many members of the LGBT community struggle with the pressure of constant hatred, lack of support, harmful legislation, and sometimes persecution around the world.  In many cases, this hatred can come directly from friends, once-close family, coworkers, significant others, you name it. Because of this, a substantial portion of the community becomes afraid to talk, speak out, and get help from others regarding their situation.  For many, Imagine feeling as if you’re in the wrong body and you call out for help because most of the people you know will not only refuse to help, but will degrade you for it.  Imagine being hated simply for who you are or who you love? 

This is the reality that the LGBT community faces every minute of every day.  Being close friends with several members of the LGBT community, you wouldn’t believe some of the stories I hear daily of how these people are rejected by their own families and sometimes friends simply out of the blind hatred of something different. 

So, this brings me to the topic of discussion for today.  What does it cost to be supportive of someone going through some of the life-changing events that surround the LGBT community, such as transitioning, coming out, etc?  (Surprise, rhetorical question)

It costs you NOTHING to support these people who need the support more than anything.
By supporting people going through these events and turmoils, you are giving so much hope to these people who wish nothing more than to be happy, feel at home in their own bodies, and have validation to exist and love who they want to love. 

By being hateful, rejecting, passive-aggressive, you are doing nothing but causing harm to someone at no benefit to yourself.  You gain absolutely nothing from being hateful to others for who they are, and cause someone to lose so much of what little they sometimes have in terms of hope and acceptance.  By being supportive, you have nothing to lose and give so much to someone else.

So why do I need to bring this up?  Shouldn’t this be common sense, especially in the 21st century?  Unfortunately it’s not.  If parents are outright willing to reject their children simply because of whom their children love or who their children are, then we, as a society, still have tremendous problems.  Luckily, you can do something to help.

If you are LGBT and need help, please do not be afraid to reach out for help.  While there are many close-minded people in the world, there is an ever growing number of those who can help, communicate, and be super supportive. 

If you know someone who is LGBT or coming out as LGBT who is in need of help, either because they’re struggling with family, friends, work, etc, Please reach out.  Even asking if they are ok and offering to talk, simply as someone who can listen, can change lives.

After all
It costs you nothing to be compassionate and supportive to someone who needs it more than ever.

But if you’re hateful, it can quite literally cost someone everything.

Show your love, change someone’s life.


About Me streaming High Roller character designing. Maybe later we animate 

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