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Sat Nov 14, 2015, 5:00 PM
Bellooooo! :meow:
Fri Sep 4, 2015, 11:07 AM
Mon Aug 3, 2015, 7:22 PM
dude you're epic. oAo
Sun Jul 26, 2015, 10:07 PM
about a day
Wed Jul 22, 2015, 4:08 PM


:iconthe-mindimators: :iconhigh-roller-da: :icondansyron-fans:


Grats to :iconulta: with the winning bid of 315$

keep an eye for normal commissions soon :P

Hey guys, so workload has let up considerably so I've decided to open an auction for a single 6-8 second loop animation!

So most of ya know I've been kinda absent due to working with galaxytrail on stuff, and because of the work/duration of what I was doing, I can't properly evaluate commission prices anymore, so I'm using a single auction system to sort-of test the waters to see what a better pricing system would be.  Mind you, the auction win price is not going to be where the new commission prices settle, it's a ballpark for me to help evaluate pricing.  So here's the scoop.

I am holding an auction for 1 and only 1 commission slot for an Animation of your choice (can be a statbar, standalone, whatever)
:bulletgreen: One character animation only this time
:bulletgreen: Looping animation, basic intro
:bulletgreen: Full painted style + full fx package (and I have a bunch of new neat tools to show you including the Abrams Lighting package from Videocopilot and a huge water rendering suite!  good stuff!)
:bulletgreen: Final deliverable contains the following:

• Animation in flash upload quality
• Animation in full uncompressed quality for your keeping
• High Resolution wallpaper/printsize file for your usage
• If it permits* an icon assuming i can compress it enough for you to use (this has been an issue before, so if it doesnt work, just a heads up)

Please note: the finish date of this animation might vary considerably due to school/work obligations, but those who have recently commissioned me can attest that I work timely, and that the quality of the work you receive is well worth it.


What Will I draw/animate?
:bulletgreen: Fandom doesn't matter!  humans, anthro, sonic, undertale, etc,  Sky is the limit!
:bulletgreen: This is limited to non-complex animation (meaning no huge amount of tween frame work.  painted style doesn't cope as well with that, but if you're reading this, you already have a good idea of what I'm supplying)
:bulletgreen: YOU ARE PAYING FOR THE ANIMATION, however if you want to supply music for the animation that you provide, that is up to you.  Note me about this when/if you have questions concerning it:

M e g a l o by DanSyronKing of Hearts by DanSyron:com: Pokemon GTS by DanSyronEpoch by DanSyron:AT: Lunaria by DanSyronTwisted by DanSyronEchono by DanSyron

What Won't I draw?
:bulletred: I do NOT draw anything NSFW or fetish related!  If you want something along those lines, go find another artist!
:bulletred: Nothing overtly sexual.  If youve seen my work and know me, thats not my artistic rhythm
:bulletred: Content not approved by the copyright holder!  This is more of a rare issue, but if the company does not want me drawing something for you of their IP/characters, find a different subject
:bulletred: Excessive gore.  While violence/gore is a cinematic theme, just remember the account I post to here is watched by some younger audiences, be wise about your content!
:bulletred: If you have questions about what themes i will or won't accept, feel free to ask below.  I'll answer quickly.


This bidding system is organized in the following format:
BIDS ARE ACCEPTED IN $USD ONLY.  No points, folks.

I will setup a parent comment below.  If you are SERIOUS ABOUT BIDDING, reply underneath with a comment stating the bid you would like to place

• If you bid, you are acknowledging the bid agreement in that if you win, you are expected to owe that bid amount for the Commission.  If you place a phantom bid (meaning you decide to pass after winning), you forfeit the position, and will lose all ability to commission me in the future.

The bidding window is approximately 72 Hours from now.  The bidding time will close on Wednesday, November 26th at 3pm mountain time (-7gmt), or 5pm east coast time.

BIDDING Starts at 50$ USD and bids must be made in increments of 5$ USD or larger! There is no autobuy cap!

Best of luck to those bidding, and if you have questions in regards to the bidding process, comment below! 
Have fun!  Holiday season is coming soon and ohhhh boy am I excited to show you what I have in store (and the behind the scenes work that went into the project)!

For those that celebrate it, Happy Thanksgiving!

About Me

if I were to open a single auction slot for a 6-8 second animation loop commission, would you be interested? 

71 deviants said *-* ye bruh
51 deviants said •_° bruh
11 deviants said .-. nah bruh


Dec 1, 2015
7:04 am
Dec 1, 2015
5:49 am
Dec 1, 2015
2:48 am
Dec 1, 2015
2:36 am
Dec 1, 2015
1:39 am


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