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Longer discussion journal time.

Bet alot of you have seen it somewhere:  your favorite artists have Patreon Pages up, accepting donations, the like?  I certainly have.  To be frank, it doesnt sit well with me, and while this journal shows my opinions ONLY, it might cause you to think about the reasons behind Patreon and where it might and might not be the most acceptable thing in the universe.

First off:  What is Patreon in the first place?

Patreon is an online kickstarter-esque site where people can donate to you and essentially back you and your work for various rewards.  It can be used to fund projects that an artist might not be able to tackle on their own dime, such as comic publishing, music production and CD printing cost, you name it.  The tool itself is quite powerful and has been able to help a few friends I have, such as :iconimagni: being able to work on publishing a comic and actually giving a quality product to people willing to back it!  Cool huh?

However, recently on deviantart, Youtube, etc, many artists are simply turning to it as a way to get 'paid' for doing whatever they want without any sort of intent of turning around and possibly creating something where the backer gets something substantial in return.  This is what it boils Down to:

Patreon when a person uses it to fund a Comic, CD, etc:
  • Artist sets up patreon with rewards directly tied to product that they are promoting:  Sent, delivered comic when they're done, sending original sketches to the person as a reward, character incorporation into the comic, etc
  • Backers back
  • Backers get reward for assisting creator in actually creating something

I see this as a GOOD thing! :check:

Here's what I have been seeing on dA/Youtube, etc

  • Artist Simply wants to get paid for drawing whatever they want, even if it is 100% for themselves, and rather than seek to commissions, they use Patreon.
  • Artist grants access for backers to unfinished online WIPS, LS access, no tangeable rewards designed to actually promote a foundable product, but instead use the money as income for no other reason.
  • Backers gain absolutely nothing in exchange, artist makes money

This is what I perceive as an artist viewing their watcherbase as a Wallet.  Look, if people want to donate to you, thats absolutely fine!  Paypal has a donation system you can work out for people who just want to donate out of the goodness in their hearts.  However, the Patreon/income system for the sake of just being able to draw as a hobby and somehow bank off your support base seems incredibly disingenuous, and here's why in my opinion:

  • If someone 'pays you' money, backing, etc.  You should return some sort of product they can benefit from, correct? 
  • Do you need $ to draw yourself art?  no, you can draw that for free and actually need no monetary backing for it
  • Does anyone gain anything really if you are offering WIP's of your own art (nothing for them) in private? Or allowing them access to a stream simply devoted to you, and nothing the backer has actually purchased?

If your supporters want to donate to you, that is their decision, and I cannot influence that, but Patreon can be manipulative for this reason.  Your watchers should not Pay your salary unless you are offering them something in return.  Commissions?  Perfect.  You are delivering people content they paid for!

Patreon does not inherently make you some 'indie' artist nor does portray the image of a professional in the field.  It is a tool to help you accomplish things that cannot be accomplished necessarily on your own.  Yes, alot of people are doing it.  Are all of them doing it for a decent reason?  of course not.  If your favorite artists do it, does it mean you should?  It depends on what you need to accomplish.

Do I need a Patreon? Absolutely not.  Do I even want one?  Unless I need funding for a comic or publishing costs, nope. 
Do not treat your watchers as a piggy bank, nor manipulate them into donating.

said, this is my opinion on the matter, nor should my opinions change yours.  However, if I see a system being abused a bit, I like to offer my take on it.

I value my supporters alot, much more than you could possibly imagine.  And with that, I respect them all, and would never expect support and a dollar sign to be synonymous terms. 

Do you share a similar view as me?  What is your stance on the wave/trend/fad of Patreon users?  Discuss!

(please note, this is a discussion journal.  If you disagree with my stance, work it into the discussion instead of hate comments!  My opinions are simply opinions and others might learn alot from your stances as well.)

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Czakyre Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Um hi..
cheyluvsu03 Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Nice work :)
IceeDaHedgehog Featured By Owner Edited 5 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Geez, it's been a while since I've paid a visit to your page. =P

I still idolize your work, and hopefully I can get somewhat close to your level. :meow:

BTW, how ya been? Outside of what I've read in the journal, I mean? lol
iCurvaceous Featured By Owner 6 days ago  New member Hobbyist Digital Artist
How many times has your work been DD'ed? If none then thats seriously crazy. Maybe you should draw some anime/humans and put your amazing work together. I'd love to see that. Im not saying Sonic isnt great, cause it definitely is. I got my own OC, but I just think it'd be cool to show us all the other side of your work. OwO Your lighting, color complementary skills, and cging overall is impressive. Not to mention the things you do with art. I just want to see more. ~From an Inspired Artist
DanSyron Featured By Owner 6 days ago
so far, 2 (last one was 2 years ago or something back when I first started my anthro work).  havent seen one since.  I have done human work before, and hopefully i can refine my painting style to the point where it becomes a commonality.  I dont do sonic work anymore and havent for 2 years just because i didnt find it fulfilling, but I hope to keep finding ways to push myself and keep learning :D

Thanks for the feedback
iCurvaceous Featured By Owner 6 days ago  New member Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well when I said Sonic, I also meant your anthro. I knew both sides of your works before I changed accounts. I changed it to get a fresh start since I didn't do much before and now I finally have a Cintiq (*-* awesomeness). But getting to the point, knowing you main OC I just called it Sonic. XD My bad for that. But I agree, it's not fufilling. Q.Q I still wanna see your human drawings. XD Oh well. Maybe someday I will! On that note, I hope you can continue to be an inspired artist of mine. Good luck on future Deviations~
shadowthehedgefan101 Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hiya Dan! ^^, awesome art! Your the best animator Iv'e seen! :D
DanSyron Featured By Owner 6 days ago
thanks xD. 
shadowthehedgefan101 Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Welcome ^^
WickedZekrom Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2014
Uh... Dan.... I don't know if you've seen this but I think someone stole the oldest version of Syron...
here is some images:………
Not to mention this person also stole a few other more famous characters out there...
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