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High Roller: Acacia Spade stats and bio by DanSyron High Roller: Acacia Spade stats and bio by DanSyron

Full Name: Acacia Spade

Gender: Female

Age: 25

Species: Lioness

Card Designation: 3 of Spades

Weapon Name: ‘Lucky Draw’ spreadshot shuffling staff.

:bulletblue:Character Bio:

Acacia is the leader of District 12, the primary card-manufacturing district for Goldenlight, and as such, she ensures that every card that comes out of the plants in District 12 is the absolute best quality that money can buy. Acacia is also the Maxima Cum Laude graduate of Goldenlight City’s University of Gambling and Dealing under the direct study of Thomas Keno before his termination from the University Staff. She is incredibly keen and is seen as the best card dealer (and possible cardshark) in Goldenlight second to Keno, however her moral compass has remained intact. She is the primary ‘maximum stakes dealer’ in the Top Deck Casino (which serves as one of the most prestigious gambling locations in the entirety of Goldenlight, the casino itself spanning 15 miles). Because of this position, she has befriended several other High Rollers including Deuce, Vaylor, Pachinko, and Vince. She is incredibly smart for her age and her lighthearted yet serious mature attitude proves that she is more than competent as a leader.

Ms. Spade, at the age of 20, assumed the position of chairman for the primary card manufacturer of Goldenlight City, Spade Inc. By creating a universal playingcard standard for the city over the course of a year, she amassed an incredible wealth and is commonly identified as one of the top businesswomen of the city, even though most of her profits are scalped by the Fargus royalty administration. During that period, she began experimenting with weapons technology after rediscovering an old college project she never completed, creating an armament that fuses card gambling with ballistic technology and the Naginata polearm weapon. After 2 years of slaving and engineering the weapon, she embedded a heirloom into the head of the weapon; a solid gold card shuffler passed down to her from her grandmother, which was said to have incredibly high dealing odds for good hands in Poker and Blackjack. Acacia thus engineered her own weapon, the Lucky Draw. She quickly challenged the previous leader in the district, an old Aristocratic woman, Madame Voyeur, who was obsessed with trying to cheat at everything, from spying on other player hands in card tournaments, to attempting to rig fights in her favor by not only bribing fight officials, but placing bets in favor of herself, pulling in obscene profits upon mopping the floor with her opponent. Acacia, using this weapon, decimated Voyeur to such an extent that Voyeur went into hiding due to pure embarrassment of the loss. After the victory, Acacia was able to further publicize the Spade card company and further promoted the games she served as a dealer, drawing much needed tourism and revenue to the district, assisting in the primary construction of the Top Deck casino, which is one of the largest casinos in all of Goldenlight.

Acacia had her first run-in with Vegas when Adam and Vaylor attempt to gain some funding by entering into a High-Stakes card game in disguise, but on the final deal, the lid is blown off of Adam’s cover due to the waves his first match made, and Acacia immediately realized that Adam is not only in Top Deck to win the card tournament, but to challenge Acacia to a match as well. Acacia is flustered by the attempt at deception put on by Adam and Johannes, although she feels an attraction toward the attitude, determination and good nature of Adam. Acacia manages to catch up with Adam at an afterparty for the High Stakes victory on the penthouse balcony of the Top Deck, able to learn more about Vegas and why his determination was so strong for pursuing Fargus. She agrees to join Vegas only under the condition that he wins. (unknownst to Vegas, Acacia actually wants to join him the entire time, yet must fight to keep up the standards of High Roller).

The match was immense and being the follow-up fight for Vegas, most of the spectators expected him to lose, but in an incredibly unpredictable move, Adam rolled a 6 on his smokescreen dice and reduced visibility in the arena to mere feet, and proceeds to fight in such a manner that causes Acacia’s spade glasses to fall off her face into the void of impenetrable mist. Being nearly completely blind, Acacia swings wildly in an attempt to hit Vegas. However, Vegas, having deployed a proximity mine in the arena, planned to use the sound of his taunts and flirts to lure Acacia in the general direction of the mine, which due to the extended range of her staff, causes it to detonate and blast the staff out her hands. The blast does not injure Acacia, but her staff is knocked from her hands as the mist dispelled, revealing Vegas holding her glasses in hand with a gun pointed to her with a loaded Triple Bar (railgun) ready to fire.

Acacia, unable to see or properly fight against a competitor with a loaded high-power weapon at point blank range, forfeit. Vegas casually handed back her glasses and in a twist that caused the High Roller circuit to ignite with a fire storm, the two kiss in the middle of the arena, completely bewildering every spectator and causing a wave of excitement to explode through the surrounding districts. Acacia, true to her word, enthusiastically joined Vegas in his pursuit for Fargus.

Due to this, Acacia and Vegas can be viewed as the primary romantic pairing of the High Roller story.

:bulletgreen: Weapon Mechanics:

Acacia is one of the few High Rollers to successfully manufacture their own weapon. The Lucky Draw operates off of card dealing on the interior of the gun. Acacia presses a ‘shuffle’ button on the staff pole, causing the deck locked in the interior of the Halberd Staff to shuffle for 10 seconds before reading through the deck at the rate of 2 cards per second. Every card read by the staff head fires a ring volley of bullets from the staff head in a radial pattern with low initial base damage. However, the chance element comes into play when cards with matching suits or number values are dealt consecutively. This causes the damage of the bullet to be multiplied by the two numbers of the card. For instance, dealing two 3’s will cause a damage value of 9x be multiplied to the initial base damage of 1 to each bullet. However, this can be said for like suits as well, as dealing two cards of different numbers but identical suits will still cause the multiplied damage to be tacked on to the bullet.

This gets incredibly strong due to the fact that these values can chain off of eachother. For instance, a 3 of hearts and a three of diamonds are dealt, followed by a six of diamonds, followed by a 6 of spades, finished by an ace of spades. The combined volley will have 3 x 3 x 6 x 6 x 12 added, meaning the final bullet damage becomes 3888x stronger than the initial standard bullet value.

This means that the ability for Acacia to chain cards is incredibly deadly, and even though the blast has a relatively short range, getting caught in a high card-chain blast volley can easily be fatal.

However, Acacia prefers to use her weapon in more the fashion the polearm was designed for martial arts combat. Being incredibly nimble yet large, the staff allows Acacia to have an exceptional agility level and defense at the sacrifice of very low initial bullet damage.

:bulletyellow: Behaviorisms:

Acacia is known for her outstanding entrepreneurship and business finesse, and was even considered for a position in the hierarchy of the Royalty class by Fargus, although she was scoffed after Fargus learned of her strong moral compass. Although she is very feminine in her charm, she is far less flirtatious in nature than many of her other female counterparts along the circuit. Acacia is much more down-to-earth and proves to be unusually honest, but reasonably skeptical and calculating in unusual situations (directly contrasting Vegas’ go-get-em spontaneity and naivety.) She has an incredible ‘poker face’ in the event it is needed for her to shield her emotions from others, which can often be a tremendous negative when she is hiding her true feelings for the wrong reasons. She is very professional in her public relations, although the occasional curveball provides a pleasant change of pace. She does her best not to hold a grudge, and is very interested in how other High Rollers think, as her collegiate minor was in psychology. She is as daring as she is cheerful, and her motto is:

“When life deals you deuces, form a pair”.

:bulletpurple: Trivia:

• Acacia is the name of a prevalent tree that grows in the African savannah. Because of this, Acacia is also a lioness.

• When folded, her glasses form a spade shape.

• Because of her study under Thomas Keno, there is evidence of a deeper, much more complicated relation between her and Keno. Acacia might know more than is initially perceived about the man and how he was before he went mad with power.

• Acacia Spade is also play-on-words with “Ace of Spades’

Art © *DanSyron
Acacia Spade © ~CurseMarker
High Roller © *DanSyron & Friends
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lizzymae17 Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2015
Hang..... hang on..... The brown, slightly curly hair..... SPADE in her name..... The beautiful outfit I'd absolutely love to wear... The majestically magical staff.... I suddenly realized Acacia could be my anthro counterpart.
Aca-cia SPADE
Ely-cia SPADE

Elycia Diamond Spade Illuse is my anime persona. I can't help but notice the few similarities these characters share, including that a spade and a diamond kind of symbol is the Illuse family crest. My Dreamkeeper is officially a lioness, just because of this picture ^V^

I only wish Acacia was the 8 of Spades instead of the 3, but hey, that's my DtK side, always loving the number 8. I wish I could see some new work from you that has to do with High Roller... It's such a great idea for a game.
ShuyinTheEnigmatic Featured By Owner May 14, 2013  Student Writer
I love the look she has there! Looks colorful and beautiful!
arcadunato Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
well, dam. she is hot and dagerouse.
Toughset Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2013
Love the staff idea. But I still think the outfit should be different. Not all that fitting for someone who has an occupation as a dealer. Still though, love the concept!
DeadCobra Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2013
Voxollous Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
wow are you uploading these all at once?
DanSyron Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2013
3 per day :D
Voxollous Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
awesome! ill be looking forward to it!
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