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June 8, 2013
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:High Roller: Alea Parlay Stats and Bio by DanSyron :High Roller: Alea Parlay Stats and Bio by DanSyron

This Character does not belong to me but I did assist in the design and backstory. Alea belongs to :iconmrzash:. I know it’s been a while since I’ve worked on these but I figured I should work on getting these out of the way. We still have at least 7 to go.


Full Name: Alea Parlay

Gender: Female

Age: 23

Species: Frilled Lizard

Card Designation: 8 of Hearts

Weapon Name: “Midnight’s Misfortune” Grenade Launcher

:bulletblue:Character Bio:

Alea Parlay is the District Leader of District 7, the representation of ‘a portion’ of the Wild West culture and gambling of Goldenlight. She works heavily in conjunction with District 6 and Deuce Blackjack. District 7 and 6 are completely unique to Goldenlight City as, unlike any other district, they actually are in the same location. However, District 6, Deuce’s Counterpart, is a gigantic train-city that is large enough to house his entire district in a mobile state, traveling between enormous stations that are in themselves, micro-cities of their own. However, most of District 6/7 is open frontier, consisting of iconic mesas and deserts in which Deuce’s Supertrain travels. Since the two operate a huge trade system using this system, The 6/7 region was divided in such a way where District 7, Alea’s District, consists of the super-stations/cities, while Deuce controls the train itself.

Alea is also the second most successful bar/entertainment provider for Goldenlight city, bested only by the Tequila Triplets. While the District 6/7 region is by no means the most lucrative and posh in lifestyle, its rowdy western-derived cultural aspects make it an incredibly popular venue for tourism, mostly those seeking to get away from more ‘civil’ livelihoods in search of the ‘rough and tough’ cowboy lifestyle.

Alea was born into a family where she was the only child to a single mother (Alea’s father remains a mystery to everyone but her mother). Her mother, Elana Parlay, was a showgirl in a more isolated Sector of District 7 and a rather decrepit bar, the Midnight Express. Due to the rather poor security of the district, Elana would often bring Alea to her performances, which were usually western theatre. During these shows, Alea was inspired to become as beautiful and graceful as her mother was on the stage, and developed a sassy and (ironically) elegant personality as a result. However, despite the grace and professionalism of Elana’s performances, the theater owner, who served as a lapdog to the District 7 leader at the time, Carol Loveliss, was more favorable to Loveliss’ daughter, Izabelle’s, performances, and as a result, Elana was barely able to make a living with her increasingly frequent replacement on the stage. Due to these circumstances, Elana became an understudy in the local machine shop, gaining knowledge of technology and engineering when she was unable to perform. Alea, still accompanying her mother during her work hours, began to observe the steam-based and more advanced branches of technology. However, Alea began to feel torn between the desire to be a showgirl, or become a machinist.

After a year or so of the increasing stage bias against Elana, Carol Loveliss, during the climax of one of the performances, displeased with Elana’s display, ordered her immediate removal from the Midnight Express. Elana, in front of her daughter, furious and shattered by this order (which was unchallengeable) drew a sharpened bullhook from the heel of her boot in an attempt to slash Carol, but instead was subdued and was then ordered by Carol to be exiled with her daughter to the middle of the incredibly barren District 7. She and Alea were unwillingly marooned in the middle of the Gambler’s Wastes, hundreds of miles from the nearest outpost. Elana gifted Alea the bullhook as a defensive weapon in the event that bandits in the wastes attacked them, and as such, it became Alea’s most prized possession.

Alea and Her mother were able to survive for a few weeks, but they were separated by a dust storm after 20 days of being marooned. Alea’s mother was never seen again. Alea, now 14, stumbled in a shawl across the desert and eventually ran across a large train-track span in the middle of nowhere and spotted figure beside the track, who she presumed dead from being thrown from the vehicle, but upon further inspection, she realized the boy, no more than 15, was merely unconscious. She dragged his body behind the broken remains of a fallen water tower, and assisted in tending his injuries until he was able to recover consciousness.

Alea, now accompanied by a new companion, Jacob ‘Deuce’ McRoy, a longhorn who was trying to remain a stow-away on a circus caravan, began to wander back toward the settlement in which the Midnight Express stood over the course of several weeks of train-hopping. The two lived just on the outskirts of the town, sneaking into the Machine Shop at night where Elana worked, slowly constructing the ‘tools’ needed to deliver an unforgettable ‘performance’ for Carol Loveliss and her daughter.
On the following Saturday, there was a performance for not only Carol Loveliss, but District 6’s leader, Galvan Connor and the chamber leaders of both districts celebrating the 25th anniversary of Loveliss’ control over the District. The play, handpicked by Connor, who coincidentally had a romantic affair with Loveliss, was Hamlet (which played rather handsomely into the plans of Deuce and Alea). Prior to the performance, Deuce and Alea constructed a vast array of weaponry, ranging from incendiary explosives rigged underneath the stage, to 3 guns, one of which was a grenade launcher modified with a slot machine reel and a dice chamber on the top, and twin Blackjack revolving weapons created from the remains of a crankshaft from an internal combustion engine and the spare scrap in the machine shop.

At the scene in Hamlet in which Hamlet is about to kill Gertrude, Alea and Deuce had swapped roles with the actors behind the curtain in which Polonius is spying, and right before the actor playing Hamlet pretends to stab through the curtain, Alea and Deuce eject a tremendous smokescreen onto the stage, Alea armed with the grenade launcher with her mother’s bullhook mounted just below the primary barrel, and in front of Carol and her astonished daughter, states Hamlet’s line:

"O, from this time forth, / My thoughts be bloody, or be nothing worth!"

After which Alea and deuce erupt into a blazing ‘performance’ massacring Carol, Izabelle, and Connor as the remainder of the District 6 and 7 fled the theatre. Blasting the front doors off the Midnight Express, Alea triggered the explosives beneath the stage, lighting the entire building ablaze and essentially burning the entirety of the theater to the ground.

Alea, from that moment on, referred to her gun, now considered a High Roller class armament, as “Midnight’s Misfortune”.

Due to both Alea and Deuce killing the respective District 6 and 7 leaders, a compromise was needed between the two on how the ‘spoils’ would be divided amongst the two, and in a collective agreement, they both decided to rule the same land area under a partnership. Deuce eventually branched off to design a titanic locomotive in remembrance of living with a traveling circus on train, which would eventually become District 6 (which is now considered the largest vehicle ever created by sentient life to date). Alea designed her section of the land to cooperate fully with the train system installed by Deuce ‘Blackjack’ (who changed his name after the events of the Midnight Express), and as such, dedicated her ‘stations’ to serve as mini cities (easily comparable in size to the larges metropolis’ of 21st Century Earth), allowing free connection to using Deuce’s mobile city.

As a result, District 6/7 are ranked as the most ‘visually astounding’ of the City from the sheer magnitude of Deuce’s Train, the Desert Star, the astounding size of the rails (nearly a quarter-mile in width), and the tied in western themes, which both Alea and Deuce admire greatly. Alea no longer needed to choose whether or not she wanted to be a master machinist or a top-tier showgirl, she was able to have both, as well as be a top-gun fighter and High Roller leader as well.

:bulletgreen: Weapon Mechanics:

Alea wields the Midnight’s Misfortune, named after the events surrounding the destruction of the Midnight Express. The gun is much less ‘flashy’ than many of the High Roller weapons, retaining a steam-punk/western feel gained from its ‘thrown together’ construction. Unlike Deuce, who redesigned his weapons to improve upon their shortcomings and rough appearances, Alea opted to only slightly tweak the Misfortune, keeping its primary construction intact while only ‘repairing’ the gun to its current state. The Misfortune is a 6-chamber grenade launcher ballistics device with a rather vintage slot-machine chance system, offset further by a dice chamber augmented to the top of the weapon (furthering diversifying chances and weapon variability). Upon reload, similar to Adam’s weapon, the slot-machine fires and locks in a randomized set of symbols, but also adds the dice roll on the top of the gun. These symbols alter the weapon state of the gun and the dice on the top of the gun modify the damage from the designated weapon from each of the 6 shells in the launcher:

The weapon variants are as follows:

1. Napalm

2. Corrosive Acid

3. Explosive Rounds (increased chance to Backfire)

4. Emp Rounds (increased chance to Backfire)

5. Net Snare (with hooks that lock into the surface around the net for further ensnarement.)

6. High Explosive Rocket (increased backfire chance)

7. Mustard Gas (Rare Chance)

8. Knockout Gas (increased chance to Backfire)

9. Dud round.

10. Missile Swarm (jackpot chance)

Grenade Abilities added with the Dice Mod:

1. (rolls 7 & 11) 'Healing mist' (If the Slot Machine shows a losing row, the mist heals opponents instead.)

2. (rolls 2) 'Renders weapon useless for 15 seconds.'

3. (rolls 3-6, 8-11) 'Normal random grenade round + increased backfire chance’

4. (roll 12) ‘Double damage’

:bulletyellow: Behaviorisms

Alea is incredibly sassy; a trait gained from her theater upbringings. She also has a nasty disposition to being snide and unusually on-edge as she takes large offense to criticism, especially criticism toward fight performance. She has an ongoing friendly rivalry with Deuce, since the two have grown to become very close friends. Alea retains her showgirl upbringings by always wearing her burlesque getup reminiscent of the showgirls of the Wild West. However, she always carries a wrench, in the event it’s ever needed.

She often gets into heated disputes with Bloody Mary over the alcohol trade in the city and the prominence of the Tres Equis brand in and around her bar systems, quite often disagreeing on sales practices and other business related issues. Because of this, tensions between District 7 and District 9 ride very high.

She prefers to combat challengers in the HR circuit on Platform 1, the largest station platform in her ‘platoon’ of Station-cities, preferably when the Desert Star is docked in-station. Her combat often incorporates use of the outer hull of the train, and the matches involving the outside of the docked Desert Star often are incredibly vertical, utilizing the incredibly height of the locomotive for spectacular acrobatics (employing the bullhook on her gun to grapple around the cables and hanging signs and flags high above the station platform).

However, Alea is rather hospitable being a bar matron in District 7. She often accompanies Deuce off the circuit and frequently enters his high-stakes blackjack tournaments aboard the Desert Star. She is very sarcastic, sometimes comes across as abrasive in terms of personality. However, she is always willing to extend a warm welcome to visitors, even if sometimes that warm welcome is a smoking gun-barrel.

:bulletpurple: Trivia

• Her favorite play is Hamlet (for obvious reasons).

• Parlay often has issues with her corset top (and it’s tendency to pop)

• There is evidence of some connection between Parlay and Antoinette Amour due to the similarities in their species, attire, and personality. Some have suspected they are blood relatives, but due to Elana Parlay being a mother of one, this is easily debunked.

• Parlay tries to stifle her western accent, however when she is stressed, flustered, or upset, the accent can sometimes slip through the cracks.

• Parlay is the only person who refers to Deuce as Jacob, often drawing confused looks as to whom she is talking about. Deuce’s birth name, Jacob McRoy, is not known by anyone but her.


Art © *DanSyron
Alea Parlay © ~MrZash
High Roller © *DanSyron & Friends
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*sexy whistle* That sexy scaly booty :D
remanlongtail Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Great character design here; she really does have a bit of the Wild West theme in her clothes, only much more showy. Looking forward to seeing the rest of these get posted!
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The dual bio with Alea and Deuce was pretty interesting to read. She has a nice design, and the descriptions of District 6/7 makes for an interesting concept for bot characters. :) Well done!
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This looks amazing Dan, you read my mind when I designed her.

Brilliant work, I hope this was a good contribution.
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