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High Roller: Chip Wilkins stats and bio by DanSyron High Roller: Chip Wilkins stats and bio by DanSyron
Personally, chip is one of my favorite High Roller designs purely because of his quirkiness in design and behavior. Also, a largely underrepresented aspect of gambling culture is the Arcade, which by definition constitutes as gambling for a younger audience. I felt it proper to have a representation of this in a character.

Ok, let’s begin:

Full Name: Chip Wilkins

Gender: Male

Age: 11

Species: Chipmunk

Card Designation: 4 of Clubs

Weapon Name: ‘Rock Paper Headshot’ rock, paper, scissors handgun.

:bulletblue:Character Bio:

Chip Wilkins is the child prodigy that hails from District 11, the Arcadica region, the sector of the city representing arcade culture and ‘gambling’ directed at younger audiences. The average age in this region is significantly lower than the rest of the city and as such, the average High Roller age from this district is 13 years of age. The Sector places more emphasis on arcade game culture such as giant air-hockey and skee-ball structures as well a tremendous mass-transport system developed from the popular arcade-game, pinball.

Chip is what we refer to in modern society as a Savant. He is incredulously brilliant for his age, rivaling the technical skill of Acacia and Keno. However, his incredible development in his mental capability is largely offset by his punkish attitude, coming across as a largely whiny mischievous twerp.

Chip entered the region as an orphaned child seeking refuge amongst an age group and social setting that he would not feel lost in (chip was 4 years of age at the time, and his increased mentality allowed him to quickly get his footing.) Initially caught in the incredible chivalry of the region (largely determined by ability to game), Chip was initially shunned and treated as an outcast. Because of this, Chip began to develop a largely cynical viewpoint of life, having been ‘spat in the face’ by his fellow citizens. However, this did not diminish his determination to overcome his own personal inhibitions and insecurities and by gaining immense agility training though the act of game participation (think tremendous arcade games that required massive amounts of physical ability to accomplish), Chip became the equivalent of a black belt in martial arts, and this resulted in his assimilation into a gang war between two prominent rival gangs (Reds and Blues) of the region. Subsequently, a 15-year-old squirrel headed the rival Blue gang by the name of Sid Reno. Unlike typical gang-warfare, these fights were settled on an enormous air-hockey rink in the epicenter of the district, and sinking the 15-yard-across puck into the other gang’s territory slot would cause territorial boundaries to move and change hands in the city. After Chip’s gang leader fell victim to a crushing impact between the gargantuan puck and the collision wall, Chip decided to escalate the level of conflict by constructing a weapon, which operated off the mechanics of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Chip, in the rematch between the Reds and Blues, used the gun to ‘Sucker Punch’ the puck so hard, that it quite literally obliterated part of the Blue’s back retaining barrier, causing a spectacular skyscraper collapse for the Blue gang onto part of the arena floor. Reno immediately attacked Chip, and thus erupted a spontaneous High Roller match, as Reno held the Leader Position for District 11 as well as being the Blue gang leader. Within seconds, Chip landed a hit that immediately incapacitated Reno, sliding him across the arena, not only scoring a perfect knockout defeat, but also scoring a win against the Blue gang’s goal with Reno’s unconscious body. Chip, winning the rights to the District, ended the gangwar by unifying the gangs to create the Violet supergang, explaining the color shirt that Chip wears at all times. Chip immediately began to expand the city in ways that the gang war disallowed, creating a fantastic Arcade revival from the ages of 6-11, and in the span of 5 years, created what is often referred to as the ‘Arcadican Empire’. This region now supports infrastructure systems that rival Fargus’ inner city technology even without external funding. However, the region began to develop a powerful sense of ethnocentrism, valuing younger age groups above older figures (anything particularly above the age of 13).

Chip has his first primary encounter with Adam after Vegas was placed under Arrest for Overage arcading in a particular region (maximum arcade gambling age being 18). Because he was taken into custody by the Arcadican Police force (which was really nothing more than a bunch of 10-year-old self-proclaimed officers), Vegas was put on trial before the Violet Gang on the floor of the giant Air-Hockey arena in the center of the city. Chip, overseeing the trial, immediately recognizes Vegas and begins to openly brag how Vegas was ‘too old’ to be able to best him in anything, especially gaming. Vegas, who had dealt with shipping vehicles of similar nature to the puck in the arena, eagerly accepts the challenge in exchange for his immediate release from custody.

The two went head to head in the arena in a similar nature to that of the gang fights, using their weapon blasts to control the colossal puck across the face of the arena. Vegas manages to activate a railgun shot and send the hulking puck across the floor of the stadium, hitting Chip incredibly hard and causing both the puck and chip to rocket into the goal slot. Enraged beyond belief, Chip immediately throws a tantrum and begins to fight Vegas directly, beginning a spontaneous High Roller match between the two. Vegas, taking shot after shot to the face, begins to taunt Chip to further anger the kid (both out of humor and strategy) to cause Chip to lose focus from blind anger.

The puck in the arena regenerates onto the floor after a goal is scored, and it manages to land on a powerup that also spawned into the arena at the same time, more specifically the ‘reflection’ armor perk. This is one of the many acquirable modifications a competitor can pick up in a match to alter the gun mechanics substantially, and caused the surface of the puck to reflect any direct shot that hits it. Vegas, being forced closer and closer to the puck by the barrage of attacks by Chip, attempted to dodge Chip’s Sucker Punch by running up the surface of the puck’s side and backflipping over Chip’s head (due to Chip’s smaller stature). The move not only allowed Vegas to stylishly evade Chip’s charged shot, but the shot fired from Chip’s weapon impacted the side of the puck by mistake, point-blank Sucker Punching Chip in the face with his own weapon shot. Chip was knocked out cold, skidding backwards from the headshot to Vegas’ feet. Continuing the trend of ‘victory by wits’, Vegas successfully bested Chip in winning not only the Air-Hockey Game, but winning the High Roller match.

Chip, upon regaining consciousness, proceeded to berate Vegas with a tremendous barrage of emotion before collapsing in a heap of tears. Vegas, feeling incredibly sympathetic for the kid, sat beside him on the arena floor, explaining to him how he was once just like Chip. Adam also explains that sometimes, it’s good to have someone there to help you out that is older than you as that person knows more about what life will throw at you and how to cope with it. Adam also hints at the fact that his birth parents may have died while he was at a very young age. Chip realizes how similar he and Vegas are, and after a bit of thinking, decides to learn from Vegas’ example and follow him along for the circuit, hoping to gain the skill needed to be a proper leader rather than the vengeful punk he had gained a reputation for. Vegas agreed that if Chip can find what he seeks in tagging along for the ride, that he would return the leadership ‘keys’ to him to run District 11 with the gained knowledge.

:bulletgreen: Weapon Mechanics:

Chip, like a few High Roller leaders, was able to construct his own weapon, which is incredibly impressive noting his age. The Rock, Paper, Headshot handgun does not use conventional bullets in any way at all, but rather uses materialized holograms that are shot from the ejection slot at the weapon head. These holograms have incredible force behind them although they have a limited range, as the hologram retracts after reaching a thrown distance of 10 yards. The punch behind each holographic projection has enough firepower to cause substantial damage to targets as evidenced by its ability to effortlessly punch a 15-yard wide, 15-foot tall solid puck through a goalpost at incredible speed.

The gun itself fires a symbol at a semiautomatic rate as fast as the symbol is able to retract into the gun. Therefore, shots that travel shorter distances from the gun are able to reload incredibly quick, with the potential to fire several hands per second. The gun fires one of 3 Symbols from the ejection slot: A fist symbol (representing rock), a flattened palm symbol (representing paper), and the peace hand sign (representing scissors). Upon impacting the target, the symbol gains a countersignature, representing the opponent’s hand (which is randomly determined by the gun). Using the rules of rock, paper scissors, rock beats scissors, scissors beat paper, and paper beats rock. The gun combinations are as follows:

• Chip’s hand beats the Opponent’s: Suckerpunch is activated and the impact force is substantially increased (winning with a fist symbol causes the jackpot effect). The fist SuperSuckerPunch usually results in a knockout and can be incredibly damaging, going as far as severe physical trauma and internal damage.

• Chip’s hand equals the opponents: the shot damage is standard, causing damage as if it was a strong physical punch, but does not cause substantial impact trauma.

• Chip’s hand is worse than the Opponent’s: Gun backfires slightly, causing Chip to flinch slightly, serving as an interruption method in combat.

Due to the higher chances and significantly better odds of the gun, the damage from the gun is far lower than bullet-based weapons, however, the jackpot strike is easily capable of rivaling the other competitors high-end attacks. However, the range-increase and lowered projectile speed and accuracy make the gun fair similar to the other weapons on the circuit.

Chip also wields a yo-yo with the ability to spin at unreasonably quick velocity (which lead spectators to believe it was another of Chip’s science projects). The Yo-yo also has a string that is nigh unbreakable, which allows the yo-yo to serve as an ensnaring weapon as well as a grappling hook, which serves many applications on and off the arena floor. Chip is often seen playing with the toy off the circuit.

:bulletyellow: Behaviorisms:

Although Chip is incredibly smart, his often immature and snobbish attitude (likely attributed to his age and upbringing) serves as incredibly irritating to other District Leaders. Chip also is rather egotistical, partially due to his ethnocentric ideologies from the way his district is run. However, he learns from his behavior as he befriends Vegas in the circuit tour, learning self-restraint, compromise, and judgment that come from learning with age. This also allows him to show his more sensitive vulnerable side that every child has deep within, often foiling the comical and childish natures of many other protagonists, encouraging characters like Vaylor to ‘release their inner child’. His presence has incredible positive effect on the Vegas crew, however he can be a bit of a nuisance in many scenarios.

Aside from this, Chip’s intellect can classify him as a savant in several respects. He is very well versed in weapons technology and mathematics as well as security systems (due to his ‘mischievous’ undertakings in the past) and his technical knowledge often works hand-in-hand with Acacia’s experience in her field, allowing the two to team up on several occasions to solve problems that none of the other team members would even know how to start.

“Chip: equally Punchable and Lovable”

:bulletpurple: Trivia:

• Chip was derived from “pokerchip’.

• Chip, anatomically speaking, features anatomy very similar to a sonic character. Due to this, it is possible for Chip to be drawn using sonic anatomy if desired by other artists.

• Chip’s gun is a hodgepodge of toys assembled together, based off the front portion of a Nerf Longshot, a lego brick, and a Jack-in-the-box.

• Chip, being a child probably in the beginning of puberty, hits on many of the other females in the High Roller story, often serving as a comical outlet for the flirtatious nature of younger boys.

• Chip, unlike any of the other High Rollers, has only 4 fingers per hand. This is purely stylistic and further emphasizes his ‘cartoonish’ appearance and behavior.

• He claims to be the best video/arcade game player in existence and often brags about it, at least until Vegas quickly reminds him of his loss in their High Roller match. Due to his obsession with gaming, he is often seen playing a device reminiscent of the Game Boy in a casual setting.

Art © *DanSyron
Chip Wilkins © *DanSyron
High Roller © *DanSyron & Friends
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I like him a lot :D It's nice to see a vastly different character in a cast of what you would expect to be matured, older characters. And besides, I've always liked the cute little kid characters that if you underestimate, they'll kick your ass <3 :D
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I like this kid, in a sense that I am definitely going to enjoy every one of his comical appearances in your series, lad. In fact, he reminds me of myself when I was at his age, playing playing plenty of games and being arrogant until I met someone who turned my life upside-down and showed me right way out.

But anyways, I'm loving the High Roller series so far because of the number of luck-based possibilities out there! Keep it rolling, Dan~ ;D
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