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High Roller: Johan Vaylor stats and bio by DanSyron High Roller: Johan Vaylor stats and bio by DanSyron

Full Name: Captain Johannes Vaylor

Gender: Male

Age: 65

Species: Walrus

Card Designation: 2 of Diamonds

Weapon Name: ‘Kraken’ Craps Harpoon Gun

:bulletblue:Character Bio:

Captain Johannes Vaylor (a play with the foreign northern-European pronunciation of ‘Whaler’) Is the district leader of Backgammon Harbor and as such marks the introduction to the first tier of the High Roller circuit. A retired whaling captain who mastered the art of Harpooning, Vaylor acquired his weapon, the Kraken Harpoon gun, after discovering it in a shipwreck in the Great Sea at the age of 32. After training in Melee combat with such a heavy weapon for an entire year, Vaylor challenged and easily defeated the previous High Roller of Backgammon Harbor. Being a philanthropist, Vaylor intended to give the most to his people and the districts by enabling and encouraging good trade practices in and around the harbor through nautical commerce, more specifically, shipping and cargo. However, Fargus, after assuming his position 3 years after Vaylor’s triumph, immediately cut funding to the region completely, causing the harbor to fall into disrepair and poverty. Upset with the financial decision, Vaylor attempted to battle up the royalty chain to ‘persuade’ Fargus to restore funding, but Thomas Keno beat Vaylor within an inch of his life as an example of the ill-advised action of challenging the Royalty Class administration that Fargus had established. Since then, Vaylor has made the best of what little resources he was given, not only caring for his region on a larger scale, but on a much more personal level as well, often assisting local shipping companies and fisheries in their businesses, including Vegas’ family’s company (due to a 50+ year friendship between Go Fish and Vaylor). Because of this, a family-like bond has formed between Vegas, his family, and Vaylor, who looks out for Vegas like his own son.

After Vegas acquires the Trump Card through a rather interesting twist of fate, Vaylor assists in rigorously training Vegas through some rather ‘tough love’ not hesitating to put Vegas through the wringer. After several weeks, Vaylor agrees to fight Vegas in a test of everything Vegas had learned in training, forging an agreement with him that if Vaylor were to win the match, Vegas would hang up the dream of becoming a High Roller for the concern of his family. However, if Vegas could best Vaylor in a match against the Kraken, Vaylor would not only turn the leadership keys over to Vegas after the circuit tour, but would travel at his side to give advice, watch Vegas’ back, and make sure Vegas would be alright.

The match, which took place on the Hull of Vaylor’s Oil Tanker, the “Luck Ness”, was the first broadcasted match in several years, as it was the first true match between two combatants equipped with High Roller weaponry. The match had such coverage and Hype that Fargus himself tapped into the broadcast from his tower in the epicenter of District 1 to view the match. Vaylor pulled no punches, and nearly had Vegas pinned against the front of the ship. However, Vegas had acquired a wild card powerup from the arena (which turned out to be a magnetic bullet perk) and fired it at an angle away from Vaylor. Rather than directly hitting Vaylor, the bullet arced around him in a ring, attracting and heavily magnetizing the launched harpoon cables creating a tremendous wall of steel that slowly wrapped around him. Vaylor attempted to evade by jumping above the coil, but the bullet traveled upward as well, seeking the heavy iron harpoon gun, ensnaring Vaylor from below in a fantastic entanglement of cables, which anchored Vaylor to the floor of the arena. Vegas, pointing the Trump Card to the now-pinned Vaylor’s head, forced the surrender of Vaylor and ended the match in one of the most spectacular finishes to a High Roller match in over a decade, as Vegas won by dealing virtually no damage directly to Vaylor.

Vaylor, incredibly impressed with Vegas’ performance, stuck to his word and proceeded to travel the circuit alongside Vegas, not as a competitor, but as the elder figure with strategic wisdom that quite often proved effective in assisting Vegas in the height of a match.

:bulletgreen: Weapon Mechanics:

Vaylor wields the Kraken harpoon gun, which utilizes the game of Craps as the weapon chance modifier. An alleyway fires dual dice that magnetically lock to the rear of the alley, and the top numbers are then displayed on the right side of the weapon, indicating the roll strength. These rolls do not modify the Harpoon itself, but rather the cable attached to the Harpoon. The Spear itself is loaded (and seemingly generated) from inside the gun over the course of 10 seconds. It is unknown how the gun is able to construct a new spear from its interior. However, the High Roller armaments are not constrained to the bounds of understandable science and physics, and are often associated with a level of technology and magic, which is not understood at the current time.

Each roll produces the following Harpoon cable attributes.
• 2 – Produces a very useless Frayed rope cable, which has very little effect on the opponent.

• 3 – Produces a slightly stronger cable of rusted chain, which can be blown apart by an opponent’s weapon.

• 4 – Generates a cable of rather harmless but very immobilizing spring cable, which creates massive ensnaring tangles in the arena. This cable does no damage to the victim.

• 5 – Fires a cable with a strong adhesive that can bind and slow a player if stuck.

• 6 – launches an oil slick, which is generated from the spearhead in place of a cable,
purely designed for movement inhibition.

• 7 – Considered the Standard and most common roll, firing a strong woven stainless steel cable approximately 3/4 “ in diameter

• 8 – launches a incendiary cable, which is incredibly hot and ignites objects that come into contact with it.

• 9 – Cable fired produces a -100°F chilled cable that causes ice to immediately form from the base of the cable by the gun to the head of the spear, creating an ice wall that can both freeze a victim in place and cause ice obstructions in the arena for offensive and defensive purposes.

• 10 – Cable fired is razorwire, causing severe damage to anyone coming in direct contact with the line.

• 11 – Cable fired is super acidic and incredibly corrosive, eating through most metals and is incredibly dangerous if direct contact is made with biological tissue.

• 12 (jackpot roll) – Cable is charged with 300,000 Volts of electricity, causing incredible lightning arcs between nearby embedded harpoons, creating incredibly deadly electric webs in the arena. This bolt will easily stop the heart of anyone who directly touches a charged bolt.

:bulletyellow: Behaviorisms:

Vaylor is a very sincere, wise, and battleworn older man, knowing quite a great deal from battle experience and previous situations from his whaling career. He’s rumored to have slain a terrific beast in the Great Sea that took his leg (now replaced with a cannon), although many are skeptical that he simply lost it from a drunken stupor and falling from the third story of his oil tanker. Although Vaylor is very wise when it comes to traditional and tried-and-true fighting tactics, he is very unsure and skeptical of newer, more experimental tactics, often the ones employed by Vegas. Because of this, Vaylor is often very uneasy when spectating a fight of Vegas’. However, he grows more accustomed to this ‘new-generation’ of techniques and learns quite a bit from Vegas, showing the power of learning through witnessing innovation.

Vaylor’s prized possession is not his gun, but rather the bucket that he takes with him everywhere. This bucket is his good luck charm, his ‘best friend’ and he treats it similar to a small child with a teddy bear. He’s even gone as far as to draw a happy face on the bucket and call his pal ‘Mr. Bucky’. In many scenarios, Vaylor is seen eating popcorn from it like a tub, drinking beer from it like a stein, and even using it as a helmet in comical situations. Taking Mr. Bucky is one of the most fatal mistakes anyone can do. No one steals his bucket. Ever. Vaylor loves a good night drinking, seafood, and although he is the Leader of the poorest district in Goldenlight, many High Rollers see him as the ‘most loyal leader a man can ask for.’ However, his obsession with Mr. Bucky also leads several other High Rollers to think he’s senile, mentally unstable, and a whackjob.

:bulletpurple: Trivia:

• Vaylor is play-on-words for ‘Whaler’ spoken with an accent.

• The bucket he carries is the introduction of the “walrus bucket meme” for comedic value.

• While still considered a heavyweight when it comes to drinking, he supposedly lost to a drinking match against Tequila Sister, Margarita. He gets very cross when this is brought up in context and he wishes to eventually reclaim his title as ‘Best Drinker of Goldenlight’ as soon as he get’s the chance.

Art © *DanSyron
Johan Vaylor © *DanSyron
High Roller © *DanSyron & Friends
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truedragon5374 Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2013
So the whole point of his weapons is to NOT hit his enemy with the big, pointy projectiles?
truedragon5374 Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2013
So will we ever get to see him light off his leg cannon?
. . .
(that sounded more awkward than intended)
Toughset Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2013
Definetely my favorite part is how you integrated the muzzle/whisker area to be a scruffy moustache. Works surprisingly well!
NeoAtlantis Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2013  Professional General Artist
I'm absolutely in love with him!
Emayai Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I still love the bucket. I think Vaylor's one of my favourites of the High Rollers, he's so well designed and just so damn likeable!
DeadCobra Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2013
Very fun
Tonythunder Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2013
He's got a pretty kickass lookin' weapon there! 8-)
Voxollous Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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AbbieGoth Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Nooo! They be stealin' mah bucket!
DanSyron Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2013
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