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High Roller: Pachinko stats and bio by DanSyron High Roller: Pachinko stats and bio by DanSyron
This bio was given to me by :icontoughset: as he is the owner and designer of Hui-Zhong. I simply helped him edit this bio for the sake of streamlining ideas and clarifying grammar. Art is still mine. He gets all credit in design, mechanics, and backstory. Honestly, this was one of the hardest characters to (assist in) developing storywise as very significant events that are pivotal in the HR story heavily involve him. This is also one of the lengthier bio’s clocking in over 4500 words. However, I feel that Hui-Zhong is one of the most fun characters in the entirety of High Roller.

Full Name: Hui-Zhong Pachinko

Gender: Male

Age: 51

Species: Red Panda

Card Designation: 7 of diamonds

Weapon Name: “Tsuki no Kinsei Bureizu” (Forbidden Blaze of the Moon) Pachinko Rifle, and “Mugen no Unmei” blade (Infinite Fate blade)

:bulletblue: Character Bio:

Hui-Zhong Pachinko is the head of District 8, which serves as the equivalent to “Chinatown” of Goldenlight City. However, apart from being a diverse world-culture epicenter, District 8 is the trade epicenter for Goldenlight as well as the heart of the city’s shipping empire, ranging in services from basic mail to international and interplanetary exporting. Pachinko immigrated to Goldenlight City with his family, being the youngest of seven children. His father was just one of the many hopefuls searching for the opportunity and luck Goldenlight City had to offer. Despite the chaos garnered from being in a larger family, Hui-Zhong was never far from the luxury of a caring sibling or parental figure. Their home was always filled with love and care, and during the initial venture into the sprawling metropolis, this proved to be the only luxury the family required.

Being the youngest of 7 sibings does not come without a downside, especially when compared to an older brother and sister who pursued their own fame and fortune. The Sister became a dentist and the older brother started a mail business, which Hui would eventually run. Being the youngest and last to get a stab at success often disheartened Hui, often asking his brother to “leave some opportunity for me!” Hui’s distraught over this rarely went unnoticed, especially by his family. To quell this feeling, Hui’s father introduced Hui to several family genealogy scripts one night, explaining the several thousand-year span of the family ancestry, which dated back to the ancient glory of Kutan (the HR equivalent of the Orient.) In those scrolls were tales of his ancestors. Men and women of remarkable prowess and fame: Kings, doctors, grand warriors, and priestesses. Hui could barely keep his mouth shut; amazed that such a grand heritage was his and as Hui’s father gently hugged him, and told him this;

“Your kingdom awaits little one. Live worthy to be recorded as one of the Pachinkos.”

As little as those words initially seemed, they eventually became the foundation of what Hui-Zhong would become.
Years passed, and Hui began worked as a delivery boy for the Xunsu Post; the delivery company started by his brother. It was a local business at the time; Hui armed with only a bicycle, and a mailbag. However, this also allowed Hui to gain a much more personal reputation with sections of District 8 and was able to learn more in this career about the city than he was aware even existed (due to the substantial size of the district), diving into all the established cultures and themes. He also learned how High Roller matches and confrontation actively shaped the social structure of the region as well. Hui noticed how a win or loss would alter the moods, the economy, and began to refine his understanding of the macro and microeconomic wakes that the High Roller governance system actively caused. These observations furthered Hui’s interest in High Roller.

As fate would have it, the increasing success of the Xunsu Post was attracting more and more attention for the company, for better and for worse. Xunsu Post was by no means the first established postal service for Goldenlight. GMS (Goldenlight Mail Services) was the most prominent postal service in Goldenight and for a very long stretch of time, GMS was also the only system in place. Its CEO, Bao Mahjong, was was intent on maintaining the monopoly established by GMS and had zero intent of sharing the market with a potential competitor. Bao was part of the High Roller circuit and was the leader of District 8 as well as the head of GMS at the time, which strengthened the monopolistic power his company had. Bao was considered as a coward from a fighting perspective, often too passive or fearful for himself to start a match or a conflict himself, and was more than comfortable with hiring someone else to do his dirty work. Due to this, Bao had no remores in hiring an assassin to silence Hui’s older brother in an attempt at bringing Xunsu Post to its knees. The hit proved mostly successful, although the assassination attempt did not prove initially fatal.

Although he put up a fight, Hui’s brother was devastated, being in critical condition after the attack. The doctors in the region were not as trained as in other regions in Goldenlight, and as such, all were unable to identify the poison used in the assassination attempt. Hui went to visit him, unaware the serious of his brother’s condition. Hui’s brother, due to his inability to continue his work, gave Hui ownership of Xunsu until his recovery. Humbly, Hui accepted. However, Hui was already plotting revenge against Bao for the attack and this was further escalated when his brother passed away two days later.

Both the business and Hui’s family suffered greatly from the loss of Hui’s older brother. His parents, obviously devastated at the loss of their eldest son, struggled to find the drive to keep their home a happy one. GMS had also increased advertising and publicity; as if they were celebrating the perceived death of Xunsu post. Hui started to lose hope, unsure how he could compete against such a well-established company, let alone as a High Roller to exact revenge on behalf of his brother. However, there was an immediate flip in attitude one day as Bao had been challenged to a High Roller match, which could completely alter the fate of the district, Xunsu, and Hui’s family.

Bao was rarely challenged by the other High Roller challenges for a particularly substantial reason. Unlike any other High Roller, Bao did not duel with a gun, but rather dueled with an entire arena serving as his weapon, which was a giant Mahjong table (more a ring). The duel played out much like a traditional game of Mahjong, but with a rather sinister twist. Mahjong games are won in obtaining tiles of a house or suite, akin to combinations such as “Royal Flush” or “Full House” for traditional card gaming. Getting a suite of 18 of these tiles will result in flipping all of the corresponding tiles. The inversion of these tiles (or platforms) caused whoever was standing on these platforms to be thrown into a pitfall of boiling oil below the mahjong floor. Since these platforms were the only surfaces for players to stand on, tile flips would usually result in a fatality to the loser. If a player also called out the face of the tile thrown out into the center, it would flip itself, and any other matching tiles. This required incredibly agility from both combatants. Bao believed the best defense was intimidation and setting such lethal risks up front certainly deterred a substantial number of would-be challengers.

This newcomer who challenged Bao lost horribly by taking the plunge after a tile-flip and somehow survived the ordeal, but would be hospitalized for the rest of his life due to the literal ‘deep frying’ of his entire body. This moment served as the pivotal event that convinced Hui that dethroning Bao would be the only method to restore peace to his family, his business, and District 8. He rigorously studied the game of Mahjong, watched how Bao played from old High Roller Broadcasts, and opted to deliver on his postal runs via foot instead of biking, exponentially increasing his agility. All the while, reciting in his mind the words of his father.

6 months passed and Hui was ready to take on Bao. Conveniently, Bao was in the process of humiliating a prospective dueler for backing down from dueling on his board. An eager crowd booed alongside his mocking, however when Hui lept to the board from the shadows, the entirety of the crowd (and most likely the entire district) went silent. Under the premise of assuming the challenger’s place, Hui formally challenged Bao for the keys to District 8. Bao tried to dismiss it, but the crowd was electrified with the arrival of the mail boy so many citizens grew to love. Not only was this challenge called from an underdog in terms of combat, but it was the metaphorical challenge of Xunsu to GMS. Seeing this as an opportunity to settle the score once and for all, Bao agreed to the match.

The battle immediately kicked into high gear as, Bao, angry about having to fight even after intimidating away a previous challenger, endeavored to make this a quick battle for his own sake. Hui’s agility was astounding, which immediately caused problems for Bao, as Hui was so agile that he was able to cross the centergap to fight Bao directly. Neither Bao nor the audience had witnessed an opponent actively attack while on the board before, and the match was immediately set to Citywide Broadcast due to the intensity and unbelievable combat. Unknown to Bao, Hui had memorized his tiles.

Suddenly, in a maniacal laughter, Bao revealed his hand, having formed an 18-tile suite before Hui. Bao had won…. Or so he thought. In a twist of events, Hui, instead used the tile flip to catapult himself high above the arena platforms, while declaring a single tile from his hand. Despite technically losing the Mahjong game, the tile launched to the center, and with the tile call, it flipped the single tile on which Bao was standing. Bao lept to avoid the sudden pitfall, but was met with an incredible downward kick from Hui, slamming his heel squarely into his forehead, Bao was slammed downward and crashed into the pool below, as Hui was able to stop his own fall by suspending himself between two tile edges with a split.

The crowd, district, and city were completely dumbstruck from the mindblowing execution by Hui. The resulting wave of cheering could be heard as far as the outlying District 13 as In one fell swoop, Hui-Zhong Pachinko avenged his brother, demolished the tension between GMS and Xunsu Post, won the hearts of nearly everyone in District 8 (and half of Goldenlight), and initiated himself into the High Roller Circuit as the new leader of District 8.

From there, both his confidence and success skyrocketed. Xunsu Post became Xunsu Global Shipping. Hui studied the role of a High Roller, and drew upon the craftsmen of his home to forge his legendary weapons, rather than inherit Bao’s Mahjong field (which was demolished after the match due to the dishonorable an rather inhumane nature of the field). Hui Replaced the Mahjong field with an arcade variant, which incorporated a ball pit instead of oil (almost serving as a direct and comical contrast to the barbaric field before). He changed the affairs of the entire district, being well aware of the people and what faults were left unchecked under Bao’s rule. Hui became one of the most admirable and socially conscious leaders of Goldenlight, setting a golden standard every other district. The region was incredibly prosperous, soon carrying District 8 to the highest average standard of living of any district in the entire city (while sectors of Fargus’ district greatly supersede District 8 in finances, they are also contrasted with equally destitute regions, which still cause the average standard of living to be much lower than District 8). Within mere months, District 8 turned from a simple Chinatown slum, to a radiant “City of Lanterns”.

Hui was still not content with the progress of the District. He made it a point to visit all of Goldenlight city, greeting and associating with others, including other leaders in the High Roller circuit. Not all were receptive to his outreach efforts, but those who were keen to accept his token of friendship remain Hui’s friends to this day, especially leaders such as Vince Voodoo, who shares Hui’s love of music, so long as Hui doesn’t get his hands on any kind of string instrument. (His stubby fingers make him terrible at precise strumming). Johan Vaylor is another good friend of Hui’s, providing the majority of Vaylor’s fishing income and serving as a drinking partner for more informal escapades for the duo. Hui refuses to eat any fish that wasn’t caught by Vaylor’s hands. Sadly, Hui’s wife and 12 children aren’t particularly keen on seafood.

During the period of Vegas’ circuit tour, the activity of the High Roller circuit has been bought to stagnation via Fargus Poker. Out of the district leaders, Hui is the most upset by Fargus’ actions, knowing how much life High Roller brings to not only his district, but the city as a whole. When news erupts about Adam Vegas’s debut into the High Roller scene, Hui eagerly awaits his arrival, and Vegas’s reception into District 8 is nothing short of a homecoming event, enough to make the Mardi Gras bashes of Vince’s District sob with envy. Adam, of course, is completely bewildered by this reception, as his others consisted of being arrested, and having an incognito cover blown, and being much less than flattering. Even stranger, Hui refuses to let Adam duel him until about a week from his entrance. Adam confronts Pachinko on this, suspecting a trap in play.

Hui brings Vegas (and his accompaniment) to his palace, overlooking the entire district, and then explains just how significant Vegas’ actions really are. Detailing why Goldenlight depends so heavily on High Roller, and more so about how Fargus will literally be the ruin of this city if left unchecked, Hui-Zhong explains how he cares not about a win or loss in a duel, but that the victor continues the High Roller tradition.

A week passes as the relationship between Vegas (and his crew) and Hui strengthen through Hui’s festivities and showing Vegas the District’s culture. Hui then accepts Vegas’ duel request and the district erupts, ablaze with excitement. Rather than use the Mahjong arena, Hui turns to a much grander and more public arena, an octagon at the center of a gargantuan palace, supported by massive Taiko drums at its base.
With festivities about, the sky alight with fireworks, Adam Vegas is paraded down the streets to the ring as if he was an emperor. However, not to be outdone (and in traditional High Roller over-the-top fashion), Hui-Zhong Pachinko makes his entrance by marching an incredible Gundam-style Mech Suit toward the arena. In a spectacle that can only be described as “Power Ranger-esque,” Pachinko is ejected from the cockpit of the mobile suit, landing in the ring, adorned with ceremonial Samurai armor.

The fight, broadcasted to every corner of Goldenlight, serves to be one of the most flashy and crowd-electrifying matches since Vegas’ debut. Adam having perfected his skill with the Trump card, was able to display his agility amidst Pachinko’s blistering onslaught with the ‘Tsuki no Kinsei Bureizu’ as the bullets fired from this Pachinko Rifle ricocheted across the inside of the Octagon and a mindblowing pace. In the midst of the fight, Hui deoploys several pillars from the arena floor, each bearing a carved portrait of his ancestors, which also double as additional ricochet barriers to increase his bullet damage. The battle begins to weigh in Hui’s favor, until a single stray shot from Vegas’ collides with the firework shot ejected from Hui’s gun, causing it to prematurely detonate, blinding Hui in light rather than Vegas. Vegas then fires a grenade shell (from the active 3x Cherries) at Pachinko’s firearm, causing Hui’s Pachinko gun to fly out of the arena bounds in a similar fashion to Acacia’s defeat. Hui, actually more excited with the chance to use his katana, boldly draws his blade, the “Mugen no Unmei.” In a rather anticlimactic moment however, the blade is no longer than a bowie knife. As the battle continues, the small blade proves incredibly effective at bullet deflection. However, poised to strike with the tiny knife, Hui is unaware that Vegas has successfully activated the Flamethrower weapon type and ignites a firestorm at a blistering point-blank range. Hui takes the hit in its entirety, face blackened by the fire in a cartoony manner as his hat turns to ashes. More shellshocked than anything else, Hui realizes that, with Vegas’ gun containing at least 4 more seconds of ignitable canister liquid, concedes the match in a rather dazed and confused manner. Hui-Zhong Pachinko proclaims Adam Vegas as the winner, congratulating him, and wishing him luck on his quest.

A grand feast in Hui’s palace, toasting to the dawn of a new era, as the spirit of ‘High Roller’ has been reborn, immediately follows the duel. However, an unexpected guest cuts the jubilations short. The doors open, and while initially unnoticed, nervous silence cascades among the crowd, alerting Hui and Vegas’ that something is incredibly awry. The crowd parts, making way for the Number two placeholder in the High Roller circuit and Fargus’s personal assistant, The Secretary.

She speaks not a word, her heartless glare remaining unchallenged in the entire ballroom. Only a few people have seen her outside of Fargus’ broadcasts. Her presence is the antithesis of everything High Roller stands for; she is efficient, subtle, and beyond ruthless. Minds began to race in silence as speculation grew as to why she was there. Hui-Zhong speaks up, though even he bears a solemn tone at this turn of events.

“….. So, what message does the great Fargus hail me with?”

The Secretary removes a single card from her jacket pocket and throws it to him from where she stands. Hui catches it between his chopsticks, and with a heavy sigh, excuses himself from the party as Fargus had challenged him to a High Roller match in Goldenlight Tower...

:bulletgreen: Weapon Mechanics:

• Tsuki no Kinsei Bureizu (Forbidden Blaze of the Moon) Pachinko Machine Rifle

Derived from the Asian gambling game, Pachinko, which operates by sending metal spheres down a board of pins to land in particular targets, The TKB hardly looks like a gun, but closer to an ornate shield. Its interior resembles a figure 8 with the circles formed by the engraved moon and dragon. The pins inside lead to a total of 9 barrels laid horizontal to each other at the base of the shield (firing end). The gun shoots these pachinko balls like bullets at an incredibly rapid firerate. However, due to the luck needed, these shots rarely/never fire straight. Hui-Zhong tends to use the environment to his advantage, as his shots tend to ricochet off of any surface, up to 7 times per shot. Initial bullet damage is very low, however each ricochet exponentially increases the damage of the projectile, and upon the 7th bounce, if the bullet hits its intended target (or unintended), the damage is astronomical. if lucky, any of the shots can bounce into a path in either the moon shape, or dragon shape, drastically changing the properties of the shot. If shot through the moon, the shot becomes a golden shot, and will continue to ricochet until it hits a target (infinite pings), or propels itself indefinitely upwards and into space. If shot through the dragon, the shot is transformed into a firework shot, igniting as it leaves the gun in a flurry of blinding light and sparks, which is designed to stun or temporarily disable the opponent. Dragon shots travel significantly slower than the other shots, and only bounce 3 times before breaking. The gun itself, being incredibly sturdy in design as well as serving as a fantastic aesthetic with its ornate decorations and flashing lights, is also a durable shield, able to block most shots directly, especially his own.

• ‘Mugen no Unmei’ blade (Infinite Fate blade) Chance Katana

The Infinite Fate blade, A samurai-styled katana but with the handle of a tai-chi blade, was crafted by the masters of District 8 in honor of Hui-Zhong’s acclaimed victory over Bao Mahjong. The crafting method blade is kept a secret among its creators but is akin to the largely mysterious and very poorly understood methods of the creation for the High Roller weapons. The blade changes length each time it is drawn from its sheath, able to be used only once per battle. Once drawn, its length is permanent there until the match is over and the sword is stored. The blade can be as small as a 6-inch knife, to as long as it’s “lucky blade” form, a whopping 10 feet, which causes the entire side of the sheath to unlock to allow the blade to be successfully removed (otherwise the blade would be too long to draw by traditionally sliding it from the head of the sheath).

:bulletyellow: Behaviorisms

Hui-Zhong Pachinko embodies the life and culture of the Orient. All of District 8 is designed to mimic a combination of a massive Chinatown, Neon-lit Tokyo, Seoul, and Ancient Chinese architecture, but still holding visual and cultural differences of Japan, India, and Korea within its subdistricts. Hui may be as large as Johan Vaylor, but is far more outgoing, optimistic, and sometimes a bit careless. However, that lifestyle also embodies the blissful joy he associates with the environment and quirkiness of District 8, as well as his family-loving philosophy. Unlike the celebratory festivities of the other High Rollers, such as the Tequila Triplets, Pachinko and District 8 are far more openly festive, tailored for a Universal audience of all ages and backgrounds, alive with music, lights, food, and massive amounts of family and friends. Hui-Zhong sees all of Goldenlight as his extended family (even Fargus, seeing him more as a wayward brother), and treats them as such.

However, beneath the rather fluffy and festive party-animal is an inquisitive thinker, often getting lost in deep questions lacking a straightforward answer. Despite his often-squinted eyes (some cannot tell if he is asleep or awake some of the time), he is incredibly observant of everything, from the well being of the city and the economy, to the slightest sign of a human emotion. This is in tribute to Sun Tsu’s “Art of War,” putting philosophy and wise planning ahead of brute tactics and numbers. Hui-Zhong exercises this, both with his highly defensive style of gun fighting, his management of the district, and his shipping business. Due to this, Hui is a master economist and is considered the guru of Goldenlight when it comes to financial prowess, having turned District 8 from a slum to a booming, interplanetary trade empire in the course of 5 years.

:bulletpurple: Trivia

• Hui-Zhong was going to be either a Komodo dragon or a Panda, but was chosen to be a large Red panda, due to the abundance of the color Red in Chinese culture.

• Real pachinko machines function in a very similar manner to the TKB gun, minus the shooting. The balls are also aimed by turning a knob, but for simplicity’s sake, several of these functions were omitted for the gun.

•Hui-Zhong’s 12 children represent the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac.

• Hui-Zhong is actually quite irritated by Margarita and her obsession with challenging him to a drink off. Hui offered to do so only if she would drink sake instead of her own liquor, which she refused. Therefore it is unknown whether or not Hui is capable of outdrinking Margarita, however he has proven to outdrink Vaylor on several occasions, but among friends rather than competition setting, as Vaylor and Hui are long-standing drinking buddies.

Art © *DanSyron
Hui-Zhong Pachinko © *Toughset
High Roller © *DanSyron & Friends
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duderaafi Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2013  Student Photographer
Nice culture mix, but I don't see the india one ?
fieldmarshal Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2013
Hui-Zhong seems to be a Chinese name but I found it odd his weapons, "Tsuki no Kinsei Bureizu" sound very Japanese.
i was thinking, since he seems to be Chinese i think it would be better to give his weapons a Chinese sounding. same too if he were Japanese.
DanSyron Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2013
its actually more of him embodying the culture of both regions. In the HR universe, China and Japan dont exist, but the culture from both is more integrated. Therefore he has aspects that deal with China, Japan, Korea, even parts of India.
fieldmarshal Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2013
yeah. I understand. i wanted to warn you in case your series becomes a big hit that you might encounter some people might get offended.

Ever heard of Pandarens from Warcraft? they were organically depicted as pandas wearing samurai armor but some people complained and blizzard changed it to something more like Kung fu panda.
Don't take this as something bad. Its just my suggestion to a very minor thing.

Keep up the good work. the character designs are wonderful.
DanSyron Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2013
lol well if that's the case, someone is always going to complain, but that's what I call a 'vocal minority'.

"just because you're offended does not make you right". <--- this is why those complainers can go point sand.

Thank you much for the feedback, its much appreciated. :D
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DanSyron Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2013
i redacted a particular clause to help with the spoilers. Tough and I never considered that being an issue
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