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High Roller: Tequila Triplets stats and bio by DanSyron High Roller: Tequila Triplets stats and bio by DanSyron
Please note, this bio was given to me by *Toughset as these characters belong to him. While I did the artwork for the stat sheet, he deserves all credit for the story and mechanics surrounding the Tequila Triplets. Pardon the length of the bio, as it did needed to accommodate 3 characters instead of one.

Full Name(s): The Tequila Triplets: Tina “Margarita” Highball, Patricia “Piña Colada” Highball, and Mary “Bloody Mary” Highball

Gender: Female

Age: 21 (triplets)

Species: Coyotes

Card Designation: 6 of Hearts

Weapon Name(s): “Greetings from Alamo” double-barreled “Shot” guns (assigned to Margarita), “Johnny and Jack” dual M80 grenade launchers (assigned to Piña Colada), and “Remember and Forget” V-D8 Magnums (assigned to Bloody Mary)

:bulletblue:Character Bio:

The “Tres Equis” triplets were born of Sir Thomas Highball and Genievre Highball, both from Merolport. (The equivalent of England in Goldenlight City) Traveling to Goldenlight City in hopes of the glistening prosperity that it generously displayed, they were soon met with disappointment how those with dignity were either abased to poverty, or the ones thriving on the aforementioned. And those who had no dignity were the fuel of the limelight and Goldenlight’s frivolous debacle. Originally, they wanted no part in such “debauchery,” and they sought work, Thomas working in a distillery and Genievre working as a teacher. Life wasn’t easy, as the Highball family weren’t exactly raised in the palm of convenience. However, they always found a way to make ends meet, and soon were able to plan the future of three beautiful daughters.

This tender moment was to be short-lived. Merely a year after Genievre gave birth to the triplets, Thomas’ distillery caught fire. Although he escaped, his timing couldn’t have been poorer, for the entranceway of the distillery was the stage for an escalated High Roller match. Both combatants, as well as the audience, were far too entertained to notice the inferno. Thomas’ abysmal luck only worsened as a stray bullet from the High Roller match pierced through his chest cavity, directly hitting the heart. He died instantly, his blood pouring into the ‘arena’. However, his death fell on deaf ears as no one, neither combatants nor spectators, noticed at all. No respects, no apologies from the High Roller who fired the wayward bullet. Why draw attention toward the filth of the Goldenlight City underworld?

Genievre was devastated as the love of her life was taken from her by the city of opportunity with nothing more than a parting glance. Her main source of income was burnt to ashes and she was left penniless with three newborns to feed. Hopelessness turned to despair, which turned into loneliness. She resorted to becoming a creature of the night in order to fend for her broken family. She took up drinking, in a vain attempt to block the guilt from her desperation and the proper lady she once was. However, all that liquor only fueled her anger, anger against the High Roller circuit and the entire city. She began to conspire, brewing her ideas on how to take vengeance. Suddenly, she had an epiphany; the drinks, the alcohol, the Distillery! Her late husband’s line of work could be the perfect façade for revenge! She began to have maniacal dreams of rebuilding the distillery, producing incredible liquor that even the most esteemed High Roller could not resist, and with the entire city intoxicated with her brew, she could then produce a line of toxic beverages under the identity of the popular brew. Unsuspecting patrons would drink this brew, assuming it was the popular drinkline, but would then become poisoned from the tainted drink and die a slow, painful death.

Years went on and Genievre succeeded in rebuilding the distillery, giving it the name “Tres Equis,” both to symbolize the potent danger, the additional opportunity of sex appeal, (being on the streets, she realized how susceptible men could be to such advertising) and using the Spanish translation, her mother giving heed to the superstitions that the west was “the Devil’s land.” Thus, the name was born. Fortunately for the city of Goldenlight, Genievre’s evil expectations ultimately failed. Although very profitable, the plan took too long to come to fruition, and soon she became old, unable to finish the plan by creating the tainted drink for production. Genievre then decided that it would become her daughters’ responsibility to continue her initial plan and be the trio to bring down the city. She thought it wise to teach the triplets how to wield guns from an early age with the hopes that they could eliminate other High Roller district leaders in case her grand scheme failed.

Unfortunately for Genievre, her lack of supervision had given the girls their own sense of independence, and those traits show to this day. Genievre became senile, and unable to stop the girls from departing from her scheme, her plan collapsed. The girls developed into 3 distinct young women, each with a different flair, alcohol weapon, and personality.


Tina was always a firecracker, and by far the most loud and riotous of the three, watching western films and dreaming about the days of cowboys simply because her mother hated them so much. She is by far the most prominent advocate in the growth of the “Tres Equis” company, not for evil, but notoriety. She craves attention and the limelight, doing majority of the advertising, working as a dancer with her team of backup girls. She gets incredibly jealous when her sister, Piña Colada, steals the attention because of her unique ‘assets’. Margarita is by far the most competitive of the trio, and will often challenge others to drink-offs, saying she can quite literally “Out-drink any limp-wang-sack-of-testosterone-this-side-of-the-Catrina Mountains!” She can easily back up such claims as well. As it stands, she remains undefeated by anyone, even beating Johannes Vaylor, who not only is a High Roller, but a man more than 3 times her size. Her ultimate goal is to build a golden replica of the Alamo to live in, as well as defeat Hui-Zhong Pachinko in a drink off. (Which he refuses due to a large dispute in alcohol tastes between himself and Margarita).


The textbook definition of the “Ditzy Blonde,” Patricia is a bit of an airhead. With a smile worth a thousand bucks and always acting cheery, she is also the most innocent of the triplets. Despite her impressive sex appeal and rambunctious Pirate theme, Patricia is the only one of the three sisters that remains a virgin. She loves to tease, frolicking around as if the world was her playground, often attracting attention of customers that Margarita tries to attract, even if it is unintentional. She pretends to be oblivious to the issue, hinting at her attraction to mischief. Among making her sister jealous, Piña is also a bit of a prankster, switching drinks or liquors with other brands, putting holes in cups of people who fail to pay tips, and so on. She is rather terrible at math and despises rounding up, so paying in exact change is customary when purchasing from Piña Colada. She carries the Pirate theme, mimicking “carefree” lawless style of piracy. Coincidentally, she is also by far the sloppiest of the three.


Mary is the astute one of the three, easily becoming “Mama’s {Genievre’s} Favorite” with her schooling and obedience. Because of this, she is also the brains of the three, and the one who takes care of the primary management and “boring stuff” (as quoted by her sisters). Respectively, she is the most cynical of the three, being sharp of tongue, quick to critique, maintaining a no-nonsense policy. She also tends to attract far less customers to her bars. Despite this, she still carries a unique appeal with her presence. Not only benefiting from the most seductive figure even in comparison to her sisters, she is also the only sister with decent advice and input. As a result, people use her bar as a conversation hotspot, attracting more intelligent customers looking to talk with her rather than trying to seduce her. Although she is rather ‘cold’ in attitude, she wasn’t always this way.

Mentioned earlier, Genievre trained her girls early in gunfight skills near the decline of her ownership of the “Tres Equis” distilleries. While the sole intent of the training was to exact revenge, the secondary motive of this training was to allow the girls to protect the distillery, as burglary was quite common. Despite this intent, Mary initially had a substantially more positive outlook on life. Having an education, she dreamt of going into the biological sciences, and was simultaneously experiencing the first tinges of love with a boy named Tristan. All was going well until she found herself needing to defend herself and the distillery for the first time.

A team of burglars had broken into the ‘Tres Equis’ distillery and Mary efficiently acted, assaulting the band of thieves. Most of the intruders fell, and those that escaped did so empty-handed. However, among the dead, she identified her love interest, Tristan, his cold, blank stare reflecting in the pool of blood around him. She was completely devastated about what had happened and the destruction the guns could do. The nightmares of the incident haunted her for years. Her mother tried to reassure her that this was good conditioning for when she would slay the High Roller leader of District 9 in the name of her slain father. Struggling with her own broken heart, and the faint desire of acceptance from her mother, she turned to her own product; The “Bloody Mary.”

The trio became one of the volatile tagteams on record and the trio completely decimated the previous High Roller leader of the district, not only boosting the profits of Tres Equis, but also establishing their place as the leaders of the circuit, using their developed independence as well as the sisterly bond to operate the District like a well oiled machine. The district is now the Alcoholic epicenter of Goldenlight, hosting some of the most mindbogglingly insane parties as well as selling their liquor to the surrounding districts.

Their initial encounter with Adam Vegas results after an accidental party crash on behalf of an argument between Acacia and Chip, which caused the trio to flirtatiously surround the group. Reluctant at first, they collectively agree to tempt Adam into a match and kill him in the process. However, being party-goers by nature, the Triplets challenge Vegas to an array of “tests” before they would allow him to challenge them to a formal match; Bloody Mary with a marksman shoot-off, Margarita with a drink-off, and Piña with a guessing game (which would be a terrible decision due to her airheadedness). After successfully completing the marksman shoot-off against Bloody Mary, Vegas made it half way through the drink-off against Margarita. However, Genievre interrupts the drink-off half way through, demanding the High Roller match to begin

Despite their skill and being half intoxicated from the drink-off, Vegas manages to pick them off one-by-one. This is accomplished via Vaylor, who understands the martial art of Drunken Boxing, instructing Vegas on the fly how to move and attack while caught in a drunken stupor. Mary was the last to fall of the three. However, Adam in classic fashion spares her life, coming as a surprise to both Mary AND Genievre. This causes Mary to reconsider her entire opinion of the High Roller circuit. After the match, the girls decide to ally with him, drinking the night away, hyped about the invigoration of the first High Roller match they’ve participated in for years. However, they decide not to travel with him to ensure the distillery remained safe (and for the sake of keeping the party scene intact).

Chip was unable to view the match due to his age, which struck a particular nerve due to his age ethnocentrism gained from running Arcadica. When questioned why he had to miss out on all the fun, Mary presents him with a single challenge: “You down this can of light draft, open the front door of the Tres Equis bar, and show me the empty can, you can stay.” The challenge resulted in a half-downed spilt can of beer, and Chip trying to operate a fire hydrant like a crane game.

However, after seeing Vegas’s rise to success, as well as her own change of heart, Mary’s bewilderment turned to envy after the match, and soon she starts to develop feelings for Vegas, becoming incredibly jealous of the forming relationship between Adam and Acacia.

:bulletgreen: Weapon Mechanics:

The girls each dual wield their special brand of weapons. While their weapons do not operate off the same gun-mechanics (chance based) as the rest of the High Roller competitors, their weaponry is quite literally driven by their occupation; the alcohol itself. Each shot of their weaponry is designed to intoxicate their opponent into submission. Each gun variant functions differently, and can adjusted in intensity depending on the potency of the liquor selected. However, the act of intoxicating the opponent also increases the amount of damage the girls can receive. This allows the weapons to operate in the same manner of risk vs. reward method that other competitors use, such as Antoinette Amour with her pheromone weapon.

• Margarita’s “Greetings from Alamo”

These double-barreled shotguns fire shells that detonate into a green cloud of Tequila-infused madness similar to a shotgun spray. She has the shortest range of the three, but also being the most nimble of the sisters, she can easily manipulate her way to point-blank range and unload the intoxicating blast directly into the opponent’s face. Be warned, her hips don’t lie when it comes to her outright speed and agility (although it still pales in comparison to the Secretary’s stats), however this is offset by the average toxicity of the shots the gun is able to fire. Tequila liquor is directly injected with her shots via the stocks of the shotguns, acting as “drinks on tap,” with the ability to switch the bottles as a reload method if needed. Due to this aspect of the weapon, the tequila sisters’ firearms are the only High Roller guns that require manual reloading.

• Piña Colada’s “Jack and Johnny”
Piña is armed with dual M80 grenade launchers modified and crafted to look like handheld pirate cannons. Her shots are infused with rum similar to her sister Margarita. Her shots are the least potent by comparison, but with the fired shell being a grenade, they also have the largest dispersion radius. She disguises her aiming and shooting with dancing and frolicking, pretending to act ditsier than she really appears. This tactic is also used to flaunt her ‘assets’, which often distract opponents susceptible to cleavage.

•Bloody Mary’s “Remember and Forget”

Mary wields dual custom V-D8 magnum pistols, holding 8 shots of incredibly potent vodka per magazine. The gun also features a signature green-tinted barrel, in reference to the celery stalk. Her shots are significantly more potent than her sisters’ by comparison, but the weapon shots suffer from an incredibly tiny/nonexistent radius, relying on direct hits for intoxication. However, being the guns of the three sisters’ to utilize a magazine reloading system, they also have the highest rate of fire.

Because of her past, Mary is the most reluctant of the three to fight, but when she engages in combat, she’s incredibly ruthless, favoring efficiency over show. Expect a quick defeat at her hands if you are unprepared for her onslaught.

:bulletyellow: Behaviorisms

The three sisters work at a single bar divided into three sections to accommodate each girl’s unique flair. However, they also own several other bars, and all types of “Tres Equis” liquor are a staple at these bars throughout Goldenlight City. Their district houses several elaborate distilleries, which also carry a similar theme matching the sister owning the particular distillery. While they manage all facilities in the district, they run their own ‘branches’ individually. While they primarily fight in tag team formation, they also fight solo when needed.

• “Margarita”
Margarita is the most boisterous and competitive of the three triplets. She loves attention, and will not hesitate to make a scene, whether she is sober or not. She has the subtlety of a brick in a pillowcase. However she is also the most athletic of the three, and often enjoys showing it off by dancing alongside her “Caliente Gals” when attempting to lure patrons to her sector of the Tres Equis bar. She also claims to have ‘the only ‘full moon’ real coyotes howl for,” in reference to her perfect posterior, although this is mainly a shoehorned selling point. Because she is always in direct competition with her sister Piña, Margarita gets INCREDIBLY jealous of others who receive any level of attention, often refusing to let others be in commercials she produces for the “Tres Equis” brandname.

She never turns down the opportunity to outdrink another man, no matter the circumstance. She’s known to outdrink men over 3 times her size, including Johan Vaylor (which she often rubs in his face as mockery).

• “Piña Colada”

Piña is the most immature and childish of the three, being sloppy and carefree, justifying the behavior as “the Pirate way.” However she is also the most joyous of the sisters, going out of her way to make sure everyone in her bar is cheery and intoxicated enough to burst into song at a moment’s notice. She’s very touchy-feely in that regard, and is easily a favorite for that reason. Piña also has a reputation for being very mischievous, her behavior often attracting far more attention from Margarita’s customers than often intended, further fueling the sisterly rivalry. In terms of sheer sex appeal, she is a significantly bigger tease than her sisters.

Piña also despises math in any way shape or form, and because of that, she gets infuriated when someone fails to pay her in exact change, as she loathes rounding to the nearest chip. Piña may not show up in most of the advertising for “Tres Equis” mostly due to the attention-seeking jealousy of Margarita, but she frequently shows up in other advertisements such as gun catalogs and advertisements. She has yet to be defeated in a wet t-shirt contest (why would you put this in here, Toughset…)

And after the fight with Adam Vegas and his associates, Piña falls head-over-heels for Vince Voodoo and his fantastic singing voice.

•“Bloody Mary”

Mary is cold, cynical, and very reserved. She, unlike the majority of the High Roller leaders, isn’t one for show, but favors efficiency in a fight. Her bars are more traditionally styled, giving a bit of a “20th century biker feel” at times. Unlike her sisters, Mary does not try to be competitive with the two nor seductive, and although she has an attitude that make grown men cry, she has some of the best insight around, assuming you mind your manners. Due to the struggles of her past, and the conflict created between her and her mother, Mary is also the most passive of the three. As long as you are honest, respectful, and well behaved, you’re more than welcome at her bar. However, choosing not to will cause you to be shown the front doors in a rather personal and unpleasant manner.

:bulletpurple: Trivia
• The parents of the drink girls, Thomas Highball and Genievre Highball, are based on the drink, the “gin and tonic,” one of the trademark “highball” drinks. The “Bloody Mary”, Margarita”, and “Piña Colada” are all evolutions of the “Highball” style of drinks, hence their heritage.

• The name “Genievre” is French for “Juniper,” which is the berry used to make Gin.

• The initial species for the trio was the fox, alluding to the Fox hunts done in Great Britain. However, they were changed to coyotes in reference to the “Coyote Ugly” bar in Las Vegas, Nevada.

• Piña Colada’s guns, “Jack and Johnny” are in reference to Johnny Depp, and his role as Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean.

• Piña also owns a pirate cutlass, but never carries it for fighting, instead using it for everyday tasks such as buttering toast and slicing bread.

• Margarita is allergic to Cumin, a spice used in a lot in Mexican foods. She refuses any claim though, wanting to avoid embarrassment.

• Mary continues to study Biological Engineering.

• Although she doesn’t normally participate in festivities with her sisters, Mary does dress up for Halloween.

Art © *DanSyron
Tequila Triplets © *Toughset
High Roller © *DanSyron & Friends
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