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High Roller: Vince Voodoo stats and bio by DanSyron High Roller: Vince Voodoo stats and bio by DanSyron
Vince is probably the most ‘deep’ male character of High Roller due to his personality quirks. He was designed between my 12-year-old brother and me. Honestly, my brother is a creative little genius to even consider the stuff in Vince’s design. I’ll just let you read why.

Full Name: Vince Voodoo (actual last name not known)

Gender: Male

Age: 28

Species: Skunk

Card Designation: 5 of Spades

Weapon Name: ‘NecroDancer’ Black Magic War rifle

:bulletblue:Character Bio:

Vince is the darkest of the 5 primary protagonists due to the deliberately shady origins and the large number of ambiguities and vague attributes of his character, even leaving elements as prominent as gender up to question. He is the leader of District 10, which represents themes of gambling and French culture associated with New Orleans, Louisiana in the human world. Vince is the Goldenlight City equivalent of a Frenchman, with a heavy accent and an associated elegance and eloquent dialect, which provide direct contrasts to his darker nature. He always wears a mask, and has yet to be seen without it. Therefore, no one knows his true complexion. Vince is primarily renowned for his influence in regional tarot magic and ‘black magic’ entertainment and illusion, although it is up to question whether or not this is an illusion or actual black magic, as evidence suggests that the summoning and conjuring on the part of Vince is as real as it appears.

Vince was brought up in the French region of Goldenlight, which was originally a sector contained between of District 10 and District 9. Due to an internal dispute and disagreements between the philosophy of this subregion, the Noire Quarter, detached from the district and formed the new district region now referred to as Vaudau Noire, containing the more eccentric social background revolving around magic and illusion once considered taboo by the surrounding districts. Vince was 3 years of age during this split.

Vince was brought up under less-than-spectacular conditions, his family finding incredibly struggle to find so much as shelter from the elements. Vince, by definition, was a street mongrel. Living day-to-day, night to night in alleyways, under fire escapes, and behind shops, his family began to grow cold to the city, believing that they had been cursed to face the rest of their lives in ruin. Because of this, the family turned to black magic through the Vaudau Noire Underground community. The parents of Vince began to practice crimelike activity; stealing, profiteering, and got heavily involved with the underground drugtrade for the incredibly lucrative drug, Frisson. This drug caused adrenaline spikes in the user and increased heartrate to simulate thrill and excitement on a level comparable to those partaking in skydiving and extreme sports. However, the drug was made illegal due to the volatile instabilities of the chemical, which could cause schizophrenic and paranoid behavior. Vince, due to his family’s activity, was under constant direct and indirect exposure to Frisson. Because of this, Vince permanently developed split personality disorder and this caused him to run away from his family under psychological strain and fear from the paranoia side effects of the drug exposure.

Vince, from the age of 6 to 13, lived in the city underbelly, working as a smuggling rat for money and desperately trying to cope with the permanent damages from Frisson. On one particular expedition, Vince broke into the tent of a Witchdoctor while attempting to steal food and Frisson. However, Vince had become completely entranced by the Tarot deck on the table at the center of the room. Vince ransacked the tent, stealing the deck, the witchdoctor’s hat, and a skull voodoo mask, and escaped into the lower sewers of Goldenlight. However, Vince took a wrong turn on his escape route and fell deep into the bowels of the city and breaking his leg in the depths of the tunnels below the Vaudau Noire district quarter.

Vince was alone, injured, and unable to escape. Because of the Frisson damage, he sat for hours in a paranoid coma, shivering, until he decided to examine the Tarot deck he stole. The deck, plagued with black magic from its previous owner, seemed to calm Vince, and for the first time since he was a young child, he could think perfectly clear, understanding that the black magic was actually a temporary cure for his schizophrenia. Feeding from the food he had stolen, he practiced using this magic in the depths of the sewers. He was able to fashion himself a splint for his leg to heal as he refined his ability to control the voodoo captured within the cards. Vince was eventually able to climb from the sewers, but not before assuming the Voodoo mask and hat. The mask seemed to toggle vince’s multiple personalities, and Vince became aware that if he left the mask on permanently, he had a seemingly permanent cure for his split personality. The mask would serve to become his cure and his curse, sacrificing his identity and previous life for the sake of escaping his damaged mind.

Vince, over the course of the following years, would become the most skilled black magic illusionist in the district and began to ‘experiment’ with the voodoo magic in ways that he had previously not considered, until at the age of 22, he decided to use this magic to create a weapon that was able to harness the power of his Magic Deck through the use of his black magic. Doing so, Vince created NecroDancer, a weapon that harnesses the voodoo power that keeps him ‘sane’ and uses it against his opponents under the card game mechanics of War. Vince, determined to completely erase his scornful past, challenged and killed the previous district leader in a disturbing show of light and magic, being the first High Roller Vegas encounters that has killed for his position. The method of this kill was as disturbing for the audience as it was entertaining, as Vince often breaks into ‘song’ during fights, executing his opponent in a show similar to a musical climax in a production before obliterating his victim with a black magic bang.

Vince initially encountered Vegas during a parade in the Vaudau Noire district, where Vince, recognizing Vegas’ arrival, invited him to attend a more personal ‘sitdown’, which actually involves Vegas and his team going to a jazz club owned and operated by Vince himself. Sitting in a VIP section located above the jazz band performing on stage, Vince, understanding that Adam is in Vaudau Noire to defeat him, offered Vegas a deal. Knowing that ‘show is everything’ in Vaudau Noire, Vince proposed that if Vegas were to fight in musical conduct, participating in the deadly production song and showing enough wit and creativity to sing a ‘duet’ alongside Vince, he would not ‘kill’ Vegas in the event that he lost. However, this ‘song-and-dance’ style of fighting could cost Vegas a win. Vegas agrees under the condition that if he were to ‘win’ under these conditions, Vince would join his team, forming the base 5 crew that would travel the city to take down Fargus.

Vince agreed before taking a deep inhalation of Frisson from a small cap stored in his vest pocket.

The fight against Vince took place in a large arena made to look like a musical stage, complete with an orchestra leading the fight with music. Vince, reminding Adam of the deal between the two, immediately broke into song, starting the pace of the match slowly but bringing the fight to a musical of destruction. Unknownst to Vegas, Vince deployed a cloud of Frisson in the arena, immediately causing Vegas to become paranoid beyond belief as he began to hallucinate. Vince took advantage of this using his illusionary skill by conjuring spirits and voodoo apparitions to taunt Vegas backward as Vince kicked and struck against Vegas, forcing him back to the edge of the orchestral pit. Vince was almost certain Vegas was too fearful to put up with the musical fight, but to his astonishment, Vegas, cooperating with the rules of engagement, began to start his side of the duet, becoming more and more confident with every word and every motion in tune with the music. The fight turned into a dance of bullets and song as the music swelled and Vince paused in rhythm with the orchestra, but Vegas struck out of rhythm, causing Vince to shoot back across the arena dazed and confused. And ahead of the game, Vegas finished the climax of the song, leaving Vince at a loss for words, and subsequently at a loss for what to do as Vegas, with a loaded 777, tapped the gun against the front of Vince’s mask.

Vince let out a hearty cackle as he leant his head back, removing his hat. Vince then took a bow before Adam, signifying his defeat as the audience leapt to their feet with a standing ovation. Vegas proceeded to bow to Vince and the audience and the two fighters shared a bow before the crowd.

After the match, Vince joined the group true to his word. Vince is the final protagonist to accompany Vegas and his party. Although he is a already good friend of Acacia, Vince quickly makes friends with Chip as chip is a reminder of the ‘good’ in Vince’s childhood, helping him find comfort in the past he used to scorn.

Vince as a character represents the incredible power of music and song.

:bulletgreen: Weapon Mechanics:

Vince’s gun, which is more ‘self cursed’ rather than ‘self engineered’, operates off of the card game War. The deck inside the gun fires a card from the rifle tip, regenerating the card in the deck after it impacts the target. These cards utilize the energy behind voodoo magic rather than technological energies, making the gun have a slightly more unpredictable nature than the purely ‘tech-designed’ armaments. The gun automatically stores the deck information inside a rune capsule at the center of the weapon, which can be equated to a spirit portal. Pulling the trigger pulls a random card out of the dimensional pocket and fires it down the barrel and toward the target, each card represented by its face value. If the card value goes up through consecutive cards, the size of the black magic explosion generated by the card impact increases. Finishing a card escalation with an ace causes a Frisson cloud to disperse on card impact, causing paranoia and hallucination to the victim it impacts. Firing a card with a lower value divides the explosion size by the numeric difference between the card values. For instance, firing a 9 and then firing a 3 divides the card value by 6.

This is made worse by the 2-card, which if dealt, causes the gun to jam completely for 15 seconds as well as reduce the magic burst size by the card difference. Going from an ace to a 2 is incredibly sour for Vince as it would reduce the card value from 12 to 1.2 as well as causing a weapon jam, which in Vince’s choreographed fighting style, a jam can throw the entire rhythm of his combat askew.

:bulletyellow: Behaviorisms:

Vince is an eloquently spoken Frenchman that fights as elegantly as he speaks. Although having a rather dark in background, he is incredibly passionate for music, primarily broadway-escue musicals. He classifies music as his primary drug, although he is a frequent user of the drug Frisson, which grants him adrenaline rushes to often compliment the music he listens to. Due to the black magic ‘counteraction’, Vince rarely feels the direct side affects of the drug, however, because he never removes his mask, the proposed cure of the schizophrenia, no one knows if he still has the negative neurological damage of the drug. He does find passion in the darker arts such as voodoo, however he does not consider himself ‘evil’. This is proven countless times in many situations that show, despite the black magic obsession and practices, Vince has a moral compass almost as strong as Vegas’. However, due to his rather nasty childhood and teen years, a lot of this moral compass is established due to previous experience rather than future ambition.

It is rumored that Vince, upon mask removal, regresses to a far more timid, less confident man, fearful of the outside world and its demons. Because of this, he sympathizes with Chip to a very large extent, understanding the turmoil that Chip went through with trying to find acceptance from being ‘forsaken’ by unfortunate events early in life. It highlights a facet of Vince’s personality that is meant to directly contrast his more vicious, relentless attitude in the ring. Due to this, Chip views Vince as an older brother figure during the events of High Roller.

Vince is dark, mysterious, eccentric, and relentless, yet he proves time and time again that the man behind the mask is loyal, caring, and thoughtful individual with a passion for the arts.

:bulletpurple: Trivia:

• Vince was influenced from Disney’s Dr.Facilier from Princess and the Frog.

• Vince’s Favorite song is “Beyond the Sea” by Bobby Darin

• The skunk idea was derived from the illusionist clouds often associated with voodoo magic, corresponding with skunk spray.

• He is a longtime friend with Hui-Zhong Pachinko as they both share an immense passion for music.

•Vince is a veteran violinist and he can often be seen playing an imaginary violin in the presence of orchestral music, both showing his passion and love for music as well as soothing his mind.

• His weapon name, the Necrodancer, mocks the term Necromancer, while introducing the musical element in Vince’s character.

Art © *DanSyron
Vince Voodoo © *DanSyron and Jackson Taylor (little brother)
High Roller © *DanSyron & Friends
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While france does not exist in a literal sense, the Vaudau Noire district is 'France' in essence. However the region outside of Goldenlight is latgely irrelevant in plot significance, so it is never mentioned (also note the city itself is 3000 miles across, so the districts serve more as sub provinces)
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