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Submitted on
August 5, 2012


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DanSyron presents "High Roller"

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 5, 2012, 1:32 PM

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Eye of the Storm Contest

Lately, most of you know I've been talking about starting something completely original.  I had the longstanding desire to create a series with an idea that was not fandom-based or anything of the sort.  It started one night when a friend and I were talking about play-on-words and we ran into an idea that we excitedly built upon until we believed we had something amazing.  If you like the idea, favorite this journal.  If you have any questions with the idea, its characters, story, weapons, etc., ask me here.  I will attempt to answer all of them.

Picture a world not unlike our own, but set about 150-200 years from now.  Society in this series is anthropomorphic.  Society has evolved into a very interesting place.  Cities now span thousands of miles, skyscrapers tower miles into the heavens, but every aspect of life is inspired by Casino themes.  Neon lights, ritzy appearance (not unlike the Art Deco style of the 1920's), and nearly every structure, hotel, mall, ANYTHING is casino inspired in design.  There are slums, but they are few and far between.  The style of living in this era is immensely greater than the one in which we live in today.  However, this comes with a price. In this society, there is no government body to rule and here is why:

Morals have devolved in such a way that aspects like immense riches, sexual desires, immediate gratification, etc. are all considered normal by society, including gambling.  However, characteristics such as honor, loyalty, and integrity (to an extent) are preserved.

The city in which this story takes place, Goldenlight City, contains 16 distinct districts which section the city into equal zones, one of which is located at the center of the sprawling supermetropolis.  These districts are all lead by these 'figures', which are quite similar to Mafia leaders, but with a twist.  There's no such thing as a 'good guy' here, but rather an assortment of idolized 'villain-esque' figures that lead their respective district.  Because aspects such as honor and loyalty and the like are held VERY high in society, these leaders still manage to lead their districts very Very well despite the apparent lack of a moral compass (more often than not).  The way these leaders are chosen is very unique.  

These leaders dawn the nicknames of "High Rollers" and they duel eachother with these immensely over-the-top guns to take control of other districts.  Gunfights are very different from what they are today.  (If you've seen the anime Grenadier) Gunfighting is much more like sparring, martial arts at point-blanc range and the firearm is used more like a melee weapon than a ranged one.  Also, these guns don't operate under point-and-shoot ideals.  They are engineered to be incredibly ornate in design, highly resemble works of art, and all function with a twisted impracticality, which makes the fights much more exciting.  They use 'chance' in their design and operation, which is usually inspired by a casino game.  These 'chance' modifiers will change how a gun operates, and gunfights are no longer about 'downing an opponent quickly' but 'how exciting, intense, elegant, and close-call a fight can be.'

For example, there's a character (who I will elaborate more on soon) who wields a "slot machine revolver".  The gun is a larger version of a wild west revolver, incredibly ornate and fashioned, and instead of a revolver bullet drum in the center, it has 3 aligned slot machine reels.   Upon reloading, the gun's reels will spin and attempt to line up with different symbols just as a real slot machine.  If different symbols align, the gun fires differently.  3 [bar] symbols cause the gun to fire scattershots.  3 cherries cause grenade-launcher fire modes, 777… well… don't stand in front of it or you'll be in trouble.

Gun practicality is out the window and the more chance-ridden a weapon is, the more impressive a win.  Shooting someone in the face is frowned upon and despised by society, but a close call of a game that ends with a huge twist is a crowd pleaser.

Now the wielders of these guns, the High Rollers, also dawn very iconic outfits and getups to portray themselves as nearly mascots of their district.  They range from a throwback to 1920's gangster fashion, to Zen/Emperor stylings, to pure seducing outfits (sexual desire plays a huge role in distraction of an opponent on the field).  Therefore, these highrollers look incredibly diverse and amazing.  Why?

High Roller matches are the number 1 spectator sport in the world.  They decide who rules, who goes home, sometimes who dies, but every match is a nailbiting experience that crowds LOVE to watch as it generates more tourist revenue than any other event in GoldenLight City.  Matches are also often spontaneous and mostly every major structure in the city is designed with the priority to convert to an arena on a moment's notice.  This includes Hotel lobbies, mall courtyards, etc.  In a matter of moments, a public gathering place can be converted into a High Roller arena complete with easy spectating, televising, broadcasting, etc., which encourages matches to break out.   There are, however, permanent stadiums erected for huge showdowns between prestigious High Rollers.  These arenas have huge Casino influence and can range from a giant Roulette Board, to a range of other things.  Most arenas also have the ability to drop 'weapon' modifiers such as increased rate-of-fire, more damage, bullet multiplication, seeker mods, and much more to further intensify the matches.  A huge projection hologram above the arena labels opponents, their HP, and weapon modifications.  What's even better is that anyone can become a High Roller.  All you need to do is have a crazy getup, a weapon that can excite crowds, and the cunning to defeat a district leader.

Our story begins in a bit of a down time where there's been stagnancy with the High Roller matches.  It's been years since the last High Roller match because the leader of District 1, Fargus Poker, has established his dominance over the matches, killing every combatant that challenges him and his Poker gun (I'll explain more on this in the character area).  Because of this, everyone is terrified of challenging him and has decided to set up camp in their district and not to fight for fear that Fargus will put them back in their place as inferiors (usually meaning death).  Fargus is the primary antagonist of the story.  On the outskirts of this city in the small harbor village of Backgammon Harbor, we are introduced to a small mom-and-pop cargo shipping business.  Here a young man named Adam Vegas, the primary character of the story, works under his grandmother and grandfather, Old Maid, and Go Fish, helping ship crates to other cities and villages around the sea.  He was told numerous stories as a child about the High Roller matches as a young boy and has always dreamed of becoming one, basking in the limelight, and owning a prized weapon that everyone would die to hold, let alone see in person (as High Roller guns are prized to the point of heirlooms and artifacts).  However, his dreams seem as far away as possible…. Until one stormy night….

Vegas is confronted by a boat that washes ashore, broken and battered, with no one at its helm.  Inside is a lone crate, but unlike anything he has ever seen.  The latching on the container is nearly ancient in appearance, but still has the incredible ornateness of the main city.  On the top is a handprint embossed in the corroded iron.  Adam places his hand in the imprint and the chest unseals with a blinding flash and inside is a lone gun, the Slot Machine Gun, set in velvet, gleaming up at him.  Adam immediately knows what it is, and because the owner/sender is most likely dead, he takes it for himself.  He confronts Fish the same night and asks, "what if I were to become a High Roller?"  Fish replies to him, "Grandson, there comes a time when a man such as yourself needs to make a choice as to what to do with his life.  Whether you become a fisherman like me or become a demigod is up to you, but the choice must be made."  It is later discovered that the gun found was the first High Roller gun to come into existence, the 'Trump Card', and is revered as a legend once spectators realize it.

Adam fashions himself a clever getup and proceeds to challenge his District leader to a High Roller match, which hasn't been done in nearly 10 years.  The media predicts Vegas' immediate defeat but within 20 seconds, Vegas defeats Captain Whaler, wielder of the Dice gun, but spares him.  The movement immediately ignites a firestorm of excitement in the city and Fargus learns of the match.  Fargus quickly snuffs Vegas' esteem out after Vegas is confronted in an alley and beat to a pulp, threatened that if the two confronted again, Fargus would personally write Vegas' epitaph.  

A week passes, and Vegas decides that a man like Fargus cannot stay in power and proceeds to take the city by storm, confronting the reigning High Rollers one by one to win his way to Fargus' doorstep in the highest skyscraper in the center of District 1.

Now because of how the franchise is set up, anyone can make a High Roller competitor, which allows for so much creativity from you guys, as almost anything is allowed, but there are some rules.

• Guns are designed to be super elaborate, amazing looking, but also be used well in short-range combat.  Also, the more chance-ridden a gun is (meaning you can't easily shoot and kill someone) the more it's sought after, as the skill of a High Roller is what determines who wins or loses.

• Combatants Have crazy themed appearances that often reflect a theme.  These themes also carry over to their guns, which often mimic the casino game from which it is based.

• People are encouraged to design characters with costume-like attire, making iconic figureheads for their district.

Here are some of the characters and mechanics behind them that will be incorporated into the series:


:bulletgreen: Adam Vegas : male - age 21 – (species yet to be determined)
Weapon : Slot Machine Revolver – This weapon is a oversided, dual vertical oriented barreled revolver made of a mix of ancient flair, and new world technology, gold and magnificent.  The revolver drum contains 3 slot machine reels instead of a magazine.  After reloading, the Revolver can align different symbols of lucky.  These modify the gun's fire to range from small damage, to explosives, to cataclysmic beams of energy (Trump Card Jackpot "777").

:bulletgreen: Old Maid : female – Age 82 – (species yet to be determined)
Weapon: none
Grandmother of Vegas, wife of Go Fish, helps with the shipping company and also owns Lucky Roll's Bakery.  Kind hearted and frail.

:bulletgreen: Go Fish : male – Age 85 – (species yet to be determined)
Weapon: none
Grandfather of Vegas, husband of Old Maid, owner of his family-run shipping company in Backgammon Harbor.  Hardened by the sea, loyal, loving, and wise as the barnacles on his boat.

:bulletgreen: Fargus Poker : male – age 55 – Grizzly Bear
Weapon : 5 Card Draw Poker Flintlock "Dealer of Death" -  Weapon is by far the most feared weapon in the High Roller Circuit and is believed to be rigged to win in Fargus' Favor.  Gun resembles a super ornate buccaneer flintlock with 5 horizontal barrels, each projects a holographic playing card above the barrel.  Bullet damage varies according to strength-of-hand dealt by the gun.  No hand means weak fire, 2-of-a-kind is slightly stronger.  A Royal Flush dealt from the gun is near certain fatality for the target.

:bulletgreen: Vladimir Bingo : Male – age 32 – Vampire Bat
Weapon : BINGO Seeker rifle –At the beginning of each High Roller Match, a bingo grid is projected on the chest of each combatant including Vladimir.  His gun discharges a shot every 15 seconds and has a Bingo Assignment Code (aka B3, I14, etc).  There is a 100% chance of them hitting the target on the bingo grid on the chest of the respecting players.  The bullets travel slow so you can delay them, but they will hit and inflict minor damage.  However, a bingo on someone's chest will nearly certainly kill the player, causing most players to forfeit after 4 are in a row.  This gun has killed 4 High Rollers in the past season.  

:bulletgreen: Loveless "BulletQueen" Antoinette : Female – age 24 – species TBD
Weapon : Seduction Gun – This gun proves more deadly the more obsessed/in-love/infatuated an opponent becomes with Antoinette.  Therefore she wears a seductive outfit reminiscent of the queen of hearts.  She will also scout out opponents the night before a match, seduce them without telling them who she is, and then prey on their confusion, heart-torn feelings in a match.  The more they fell in love with her, the more damaging the gun becomes.   A player can only really win if they break feelings for her.

:bulletgreen: Thomas Keno : male – age 25 – Arctic Wolf
Weapon : Keno Bulletswarm device – This gun is actually mounted in the form of bracers along Keno's arms and has 5 diagonal barrels each.  Upon the start of the match, the bullets are ejected and swarm around Keno in a bulletswarm until hundreds and hundreds of bullets fill the arena.  They are visible but do not materialize immediately.  The opponent then has a random number 1-80 projected on their chest in intervals of 10 seconds.  Each bullet in the arena is also assigned an integer of 1-80.  Once the number is called, all corresponding bullets will seek the player.  They do not have a 100% hit chance, but they will heat seek the player and then after a swipe will return to the swarm cloud.  This becomes incredibly dangerous as some numbers can have the potential to summon hundreds of bullets toward an opponent at once.

There are already many people besides myself designing characters for the series.
:iconcursemarker: - Acacia Spades
:iconmalkierian: - Deuce
:icontoughset: Po Chinko
:iconulta: The Secretary (pandora's box)
Jack (not on dA): Vince Voodoo

and many more!  

I will put out reference sheets of these characters when I can.  It is Anthro based, not human, mostly to help with using species to help further character personalities.

So. You game?

High Roller © DanSyron , Daniel Taylor 2012

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PKBlastBastic101 Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012  Hobbyist
This is an awesome concept but I just got two questions.
1. Is this going to be formed into a group?
2. Can anybody create a character for this or only certain selective people?
DanSyron Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012
No group just yet, but anyone can create
PKBlastBastic101 Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2012  Hobbyist
It has to be anthro right? If i make one link it back? Sorry for all the questions ^^;
AKAFoxtail Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
This has got to be one of the awesomest concepts i've heard of in a while. Especially for it being created just by two people. Its a very interesting concept indeed, with the "chance" input towards the fights and such. Bravo to you man, Bravo! I will be anxiously watching your progress! :D
i8cherrypie Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2012
Sounds like a very interesting idea. I'll have to think about making a character for it.
AlexNitrobenzene Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2012  Student Digital Artist
I like the idea quite a bit :) I might be tempted to design something for it!
Best of luck with it!
DoctorForehead Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2012  Student General Artist

Do you have anyone yet with some severe mental instabilities?

Like say, the guy gets shot, and instead of making some sound of being in pain, he laughs instead?

Cause I'm tempted to make someone like that.
DanSyron Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2012
you mean a masochist or something?
DoctorForehead Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2012  Student General Artist
Kind of. More like, he's all about putting the enemy off by making them think (pardon my language) "Holy fuck, this guy is completely insane."

Something along those lines.
maybellinesnow Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Wow cant wait to see how ur cherecters will look like
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